WiFi Networks for Hospitality, Retail, and Entertainment

WiFi Engineering


Whether you need a cost effective LiteBlue WiFi network or a large scale cloud hosted enterprise grade solution, our engineers can design the right WiFi network for you.

  • Custom Software and PMS Integration
  • Reward & Loyalty Program Integration
  • Brand Standard Login Page
  • Customer Insight and Analytics
  • Total HSIA Hotel WiFi Network Solutions

Engineering Details

WiFi Installations


Our technicians take great care to make sure your installation goes quickly. We realize that any inconvenience to your guest is a reflection on your customer service.

  • 30 Day Installation Window
  • Professional Installation Crew
  • We Respect Your Property
  • Advanced Installation Techniques
  • We Come Prepared for Any Contingency

Installation Details

WiFi Support


Should your guests ever need help, we are here 24/7/365. Our three tiered hotel WiFi network support and cloud based job ticketing system ensures that your guests are never on their own.

  • U.S. Based 24/6/365 Help Desk
  • PC and Non-PC Device Setup
  • Conference Networking WiFi Support
  • Support Ticket Tracking
  • On-Site Support Available

Support Details

Deep Blue is Wyndham's choice for hotel WiFi networks

Wyndham Worldwide 2014
Supplier of the Year

Deep Blue Communications has been awarded the Wyndham Worldwide 2014 Supplier of the Year Award. In 2014, Deep Blue installed WiFi networks at 100+ Wyndham franchised hotels that included over 10,000 hotel rooms. Deep Blue Communications now provides help desk support and monitoring services for over 740 Wyndham sites worldwide - including 550 hotel properties.

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Schedule a Site Survey

Meeting your WiFi needs is our number one priority! Sign up for a site survey to evaluate your building’s construction materials and determine optimal access point placement so we can engineer the best possible network for your property. Contact Deep Blue today!

What We Provide

That Do-It-Yourself and Cable Companies Cannot

  • Custom Software & PMS Integration
  • Rewards and Loyalty Program Integration
  • Branded Login Page
  • 24/7/365 U.S. Based Help Desk
  • Engage! WiFi Powered Customer Insight and Analytics
  • Total HSIA Hospitality Solution
  • MyDeepBlue Real-time Network Monitoring Tools
  • In-Room Connection Instructions
  • Scalable Networks to Accommodate Your Needs

Why Great WiFi Matters

Because the Internet is not
just this anymore

Mobile Phones, Laptops, and Tablets in Hotel WiFi, Retail WiFi, and High User Density Networks


Did you know your WiFi network can be monetized to help pay for itself?

We can show you how to enable your WiFi Network to pay for itself. With technologies like Social Media Authentication, eShot Advertising, LBS, and Data Analytics, your WiFi network will be your business partner, raising your social media profile and maintaining engagement with your guests.


A great WiFi network can increase operating efficiencies and lower costs

A modern WiFi Network works to benefit your business every day. It can increase mobility and collaboration, improve responsiveness, and provide better access to information. A modern scalable WiFi network will increase your operating efficiency and lower costs.


Use your WiFi network to elevate your guest's experience

Today an average user demands much more from a WiFi network. They stream movies, use online gaming consoles, conduct video conferences and more. Anything they can do at home, they expect to do at your property with a mouse click, or finger tap. Make your guests feel at home with a speedy WiFi network.

Introducing Engage! Retail WiFi Network Customer Analytics

WiFi Powered Customer Insight and Analytics with engage!

Engage! uses your retail WiFi network, social media, e-marketing, and location analytics to gain a higher level of engagement with your customers. Now your retail WiFi network is giving back to you.

Learn More About Engage!