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Why use Ruckus Wireless for your High User Density WiFi Network

Why Ruckus Wireless

We want to engineer, install and support the best networks possible. With Ruckus hardware, we can do that.

Put your Hotel WiFi, Retail WiFi, or High User Density WiFi Network in the Cloud

Ruckus in the Cloud

Move your Ruckus network to the cloud. Add social media login and you have a powerful marketing tool.

Engage! WiFi Powered Analytics for Hotel WiFi and Retail WiFi Networks


WiFi powered customer insight and analytics. Turn your WiFi network into a powerful marketing tool.

Hotel WiFi, Retail WiFi, and High User Density WiFi Network Installations

WiFi Installations

Over the last 10+ years, Deep Blue Communications has installed more than 1,200 WiFi networks in hotels, retail outlets.