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Automation Nation

What You Need to Know Last week, Google announced it had purchased Nest Labs for $3.2 billion. Nest is a company that delivers the “automated home” concept, like smoke detectors and thermostats that connect to the Internet. At the CES … Continue reading

Does your track’s Wi-Fi network elevate your guest experience?

Good racetrack Wi-Fi makes betting easier for patrons, and produces shorter lines and more betting.  Is your track taking advantage of it? Click to see how Deep Blue was able to support 10,000 concurrent users at Saratoga Race Course   Race … Continue reading

The New Venue

Wi-Fi for All Nielsen recently released a statistic that smartphone usage in the United States has topped 60% of its entire population (that’s 3 out of 5 people), and nearly 30 percent of American tablet owners have a tablet that … Continue reading

Staying Ahead of the Curve

802.11ac Checklist When 802.11ac arrives, technologies like seamless authentication, geolocation and location-based analytics will deliver consumers a much richer, more personalized Wi-Fi experience. The arrival of 802.11ac will be gradual, but businesses will need to upgrade their network infrastructure to … Continue reading

The 802.11ac Playing Field

Cool Technologies Coming to You…Literally. Imagine walking into your favorite store and having a coupon for your favorite brand delivered right to your mobile device. Then you turn the corner and you get a notification that your dry cleaning is … Continue reading

Article / White Paper Downloads

Feel free to download the following articles: The 80211ac Playing Field  – Cool technologies coming to you. Literally. Imagine walking into your favorite store and having a coupon for your favorite brand delivered right to your mobile device. Then you … Continue reading

Wi-Fi Standards 101: 
Understanding 802.11ac

As more people around the globe increasingly utilize technology, the demand for bandwidth is growing. Not only do people have access to mobile technology  – they are using more of it, with the average person using 2.7 devices on any … Continue reading

Wi-Fi Standards They Are A Changin’…

Preparing for the New Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11ac The only things in life that are certain are death, taxes, and oh yes, changing technology standards. Just when you thought your new iPhone or Droid was perfect – someone comes along with … Continue reading

Monetizing the Wi-Fi Network While Reaching Your Customers

Wi-Fi Advertising: Cultivating Happy Customers Walk into a good coffee shop, hotel or restaurant, and chances are, you are able to login to a Wi-Fi network – paid or free. Whether you are surfing social media sites, local news, sports … Continue reading

Getting the Most Out of Your Property Management System (PMS)

Monetizing Through Wi-Fi “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller than you’re part of the road.” - Stewart Brand Imagine walking into your hotel, and before you are through the revolving door, your wireless … Continue reading

Bandwidth and Guest Satisfaction: Why Tiered Wi-Fi Makes a Difference

  “…if the hotel doesn’t offer a tiered Wi-Fi plan, where you can pay extra to have more bandwidth and a faster speed, that hotel touting its free Wi-Fi is completely useless.” -Hotelchatter.com   Research indicates that Wi-Fi is the number … Continue reading

BYOD: What’s a Company to Do?

The next evolution in Wi-Fi Access As people become more comfortable with technology, they are increasingly utilizing their own personal devices for their work. Business networks are not only accessed by employees via their workstations, but also by smart phones, … Continue reading

What’s So Hot About HotSpot 2.0?

HotSpot 2.0:  The next evolution in Wi-Fi Access  In 2010, Cisco and industry leaders, including Ruckus Wireless, the industry leader in performance innovation, formed the Hotspot 2.0 Task Group in the Wi-Fi Alliance. The goal was to rally the industry … Continue reading

Retail WiFi Is Giving Brick & Mortar Stores An Advantage

Retail WiFi is Finally Giving Brick and Mortar Stores an Advantage In the face of growing competition, retailers have to decide if they will offer WiFi to their customers. It is a decision that almost every retail business owner will … Continue reading

Hotel WiFi Networks Site Survey for High Guest Satisfaction

Hotel WiFi Networks Depend on Accurate Site Surveys to Improve Guest Satisfaction Hotel WiFi networks were used by 55% of hotel guests in 2012, and the demand is increasing every year. Hotels need to make sure that their WiFi networks … Continue reading

Are Retailers Ready for the Tsunami of Smartphones?

Are Retailers Ready for the Tsunami of Smartphones? – Numbers That Require Rethinking Business WiFi No consumer technology has ever experienced the incredible growth of today’s smartphone industry. Over 50% of the U.S. population owns smartphones and two thirds of … Continue reading

Retailer WiFi- New Network New Challenges

Retailer WiFi- New Network New Challenges As retailers add “free WiFi” to their mobile marketing strategy, they create a situation where their previously private wireless network, used exclusively for store operations, now has to accommodate the public. This can create … Continue reading

How Does Wireless for Hotels Affect Occupancy Rates?

How Does Wireless for Hotels Affect Occupancy Rates? As a professional hotelier you know that the secret to a successful property is in the details. You make certain your sheets are crisp, bathrooms are spotless, your staff is friendly, helpful, … Continue reading

Study Says Hotel Wireless Networks Can Make or Break the Guest Experience

Study Says Hotel Wireless Networks Can Make or Break the Guest Experience Earlier this year J.D. Power and Associates released its annual Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study which painted a not so rosy picture for the hotel/hospitality industry. Guest satisfaction, … Continue reading

Luxury Hotels are Annoying Their Guests with Additional Charges for WiFi Access

Luxury Hotels are Annoying Their Guests with Additional Charges for WiFi Access Luxury hotel guests are becoming increasingly vocal about their discontent with the state of the WiFi networks available during their stays. They expect much more from their hotel … Continue reading

When a University Accidentally Becomes an ISP

When a University Accidentally Becomes an ISP IT departments at educational institutions face uniquely challenging requirements particularly when providing and sustaining an intranet. Large or small, colleges and universities are faced with providing reliable connectivity over a broad geographical area … Continue reading

WiFi Networks are Changing the Education Landscape

WiFi Networks are Changing the Education Landscape It has always been a challenge for schools to introduce new technologies into the classroom.  Security, training, and support are some of the concerns that schools have to address before beginning the bidding … Continue reading

Are Your Guests’ Kids Killing Your WiFi?

Are Your Guests’ Kids Killing Your WiFi? You already know how important your reputation is for business. You probably have someone checking Trip Advisor and other hotel rating sites to see what the public is saying about your hotel…and the … Continue reading

Ruckus Wireless Comes to the Rescue of Hotels Suffering with Inadequate WiFi

Ruckus Wireless Comes to the Rescue of Hotels Suffering with Inadequate WiFi Three out of four of the top hotel chains ranked as Best of WiFi in 2011 by HotelChatter all had one thing in common; they chose Ruckus Wireless … Continue reading

Ruckus Wireless Equipment Improves Business Conference Wi-Fi

Ruckus Wireless Equipment Improves Business Conference Wi-Fi Business conferences have a reputation for having poor Wi-Fi Internet access. While these venues put a lot of effort into advertising and competing for business, the larger the conference, the less accessible Wi-Fi … Continue reading

Stadiums Finally Investing in a Wi-Fi Network

Stadiums Finally Investing in a Wi-Fi Network Fans want it and stadiums and other sport venues want it! So why aren’t more large sporting venues already offering Wi-Fi for their fans? Part of the answer is to avoid the potentially … Continue reading

Luxury Hotels Need Better Wi-Fi to Meet High Customer Expectations

Luxury Hotels Need Better Wi-Fi to Meet High Customer Expectations Luxury hotels and resorts are in constant competition to win over and retain the loyalty of their client base. Every detail of their guests’ rooms is chosen to provide the … Continue reading

Racetrack Wi-Fi Delivers Shorter Lines and More Betting

Racetrack Wi-Fi Makes Betting Easier for Patrons Racetrack Wi-Fi enables a new and more flexible option for on-track wagering. A day at the track provides a lot of enjoyment on its own for horseracing enthusiasts, but owning a piece of … Continue reading

Passpoint™ Technology

Passpoint™ Technology Passpoint™ technology will allow mobile users to enjoy the same data roaming from hotspot to hotspot that they enjoy from their cellular service across different mobile data networks. Passpoint™ certified mobile devices will be able to move seamlessly … Continue reading

The Benefits and Risks of a Tiered Internet Pricing Model

The Benefits Of A Tiered Internet Pricing Model Tiered Internet pricing models allow hotels to offer their guests the convenience of free Internet access, while making faster speeds available to those guests that need it. Bandwidth is a commodity that … Continue reading

Bandwidth Management Strategy for the Hospitality Industry

Creating A Bandwidth Management Strategy Bandwidth management is an investment that pays off in customer satisfaction and cost savings. Anyone who has had to access a mobile data connection has experienced the frustration that comes with a slow connection or … Continue reading

Deep Blue Communications selected for the 2012 Inc. 500/5000 list

  Congratulations! Deep Blue Communications, has made the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. This achievement puts you in rarefied company, especially if you consider that there are nearly 7 million private, employer-based companies in … Continue reading

Corporate Travelers Rate Hotel Amenities

    What’s Important to Today’s C-Suite Traveler The result of a survey proves to have some very interesting insights. Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Mr. Larry Mogelonsky – CHA    The Balancing Act Corporate travel managers strive to align traveler … Continue reading

Long Term Care

Wireless for Long Term Managed Care Benefits Residents Too Wireless for long term managed care is the easiest way to add Internet access to an existing facility, or to upgrade a facility to incorporate new health information technologies such as … Continue reading

Wireless Backhauls

Wireless Backhauls Bring Connectivity to Unreachable Locations Wireless backhauls have been around since the 1950’s. Bell Labs invented the technology that today’s wireless backhauls use as a less expensive and more efficient way of interconnecting telephone networks. The concept of … Continue reading

MDU Wireless

MDU Wireless is More Convenient for Tenants and Building Owners Multiple dwelling unit wireless, or MDU wireless, is an added convenience property owners can offer their tenants. Whether it is an apartment building, condominium, or dorm, the challenges of providing Internet … Continue reading

Hotel Wireless Solutions

Hotel Wireless Solutions Must Employ Better Security Practices Hotel wireless solutions must employ the highest level of security features in order to protect a hotel’s data and their guest’s data. Unsecured and secured networks with weak security can put confidential … Continue reading

DIRECTV for Business

DIRECTV for Business Offers More Than Traditional Cable DIRECTV for business offers more HD programming options than those offered by local cable providers. Customers want more than an average TV experience, so why should business owners settle for mediocre TV … Continue reading

Marina Wi-Fi

Marina WiFi Network Deployment Marina Wi-Fi Network Deployment Challenges Installing a marina Wi-Fi network comes with many unique challenges. Marinas that want to deploy a Wi-Fi network for their customers may have difficulty finding an Internet service provider (ISP). The … Continue reading

Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi Solutions Sales Experience Outstanding Growth in 2011 Wi-Fi solutions are the hottest growing market worldwide in enterprise networking. According to the March 20, 2012 report by industry analysts Infonetics Research, the 2011 fourth quarter sales for Wi-Fi solutions reached … Continue reading

Retail Wi-Fi

Retail Wi-Fi Benefits Customers and Businesses Retail Wi-Fi may bring to mind businesses like Starbucks or McDonalds, which have been offering free Wi-Fi access to their customers for the past two years. In 2010 when Starbucks made the decision to … Continue reading

Managed Bandwidth

Managed Bandwidth Solutions to Exceed Guest Expectations Hotels everywhere are seeing how Managed Bandwidth is required due to the fact that hotel guests are bringing a wide array of internet-connected devices along with them on vacations and business trips. The … Continue reading

Billing Software for Hotels

Billing Software for Hotels, Finding the Right Package Billing software for hotels streamlines and automates the guest billing process. Whether the property is a small boutique hotel or a resort property, billing automation is critical to ensuring that a guest … Continue reading

Hotel Internet Access Solutions

Hotel Internet Access Solutions from Deep Blue Communications Hotel internet access solutions must meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Deep Blue Communications has an outstanding reputation for providing  to some of the most recognized names in the industry, … Continue reading

Hotel Internet Gateway– A Guide to the Necessary Features

A hotel internet gateway differs from a standard business internet gateway due to the variety of Internet access options needed throughout a hotel. A standard business internet gateway provides connectivity and security features to all of the network’s users and … Continue reading


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