Wi-Fi for Assisted Living and Long Term Care Facilities

Improve Care Delivery, Enhance Resident Services, Increase Efficiencies

The Future of WiFi Information Series

From mobile health technology to concierge services, long term and healthcare facilities need to make sure the exchange of data is reliable, secure and efficient across all platforms and locations. A solid WiFi network is the most important factor to keep things running smoothly. With new solutions that streamline the sharing of health records, centralize communication within communities and provide live resident data for those providing health care, those who choose not to “go wireless” as a foundation could lose competitive edge ... Read More

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Managing K-12 Technology

Supporting Classrooms in a Digital Age

The Future of WiFi Information Series

With the explosion of digital curriculum, eLearning, classroom websites and other educational technologies, schools need the right IT tools and infrastructure to support teachers and students. How can school leaders, boards, administration and IT managers ensure the right construction, capacity and connectivity for their districts?

The ABC’s of Technology in Education

Once upon a time, high schools had computer labs – and that was the only technology they needed. Fast forward to today when kindergarteners come to school with iPhones and show their teachers how to download the latest app or utilize the newest educational games ... Read More

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Benefits of Implementing a Converged Networks for Hospitality

What is a Converged Network?

The Future of WiFi Information Series

Put simply, a converged network is the grouping of telephone, video and data communication within a single network. Designing and managing all of these within one network offers convenience and flexibility that are simply not possible with separate infrastructures. No longer do properties need different cables for different services.

For example, by delivering a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, hotels can deliver power and data with the same cable. This can reduce costs and enables the delivery of multiple applications efficiently without having to manage each vendor-specific installation individually ... Read More

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Deep Blue Communications Named Wyndham Worldwide 2014 Supplier of the Year

Wyndham Worldwide 2014 Supplier of the Year

Company Delivers Innovative WiFi Network Designs to Improve Customer Experience

Latham, NY (January 27, 2015) –Deep Blue Communications announced today they have been awarded the Wyndham Worldwide 2014 Supplier of the Year Award. In 2014, Deep Blue installed WiFi networks at 100+ Wyndham franchised hotels that included over 10,000 hotel rooms. Deep Blue Communications now provides help desk support and monitoring services for over 740 Wyndham sites worldwide - including 550 hotel properties ... Read More

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Top 10 Retailer WiFi Benefits

Advertise retail sales with your WiFi

There are many reasons to provide WiFi at a retail location – from attracting new customers, providing better service and keeping people in your store longer to the innumerable ways this data can inform business strategy. Over the past couple of years, retailers who have utilized WiFi in their stores have generated a number of new tactics to engage with customers with product promotions, customer loyalty programs, targeted ad campaigns and offers. What started out as a novelty is rapidly expanding due to the prevalence and usage of mobile devices. Retailers who haven’t yet embraced WiFi as part of their overall branding and customer service strategy run the risk of losing out to their competitors who have ... Read More

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Top 10 Hotel WiFi Features

A hotel internet gateway differs from a standard business internet gateway due to the variety of Internet access options needed throughout a hotel. A standard business internet gateway provides connectivity and security features to all of the network’s users and prevents unwanted access to the network, but a hotel internet gateway must do this and much more. Here is a list of the Top 10 Hotel WiFi necessities...

1. Loyalty and Rewards Program Integration

Those retailers and hotels or airlines with rewards programs can also tie Location Based Services directly to their programs, and automatically update rewards points when a consumer shops at a particular venue, or uses a service. Businesses will now have geographic-specific data on customers habits, preferences and interests and can use that data to better market their services based on location ... Read More

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Deep Blue Communications again named one of the fastest growing companies in America by inc5000


LATHAM, NY: Deep Blue Communications has once again been included in the inc5000listing of the fastest growing companies in America - with 225% growth in revenue in the past 3 years. With a focus on designing, installing, supporting, and monetizing WiFi networks in the hospitality, retail and entertainment venues, Deep Blue helps clients incorporate the newest trends and technologies into an existing or new WiFi system - to keep their customers happy ... Read More

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Migration to WiFi Managed Services

Ruckus Webinar and Interview with Deep Blue CEO Brian Epstein

Today, organizations demonstrate a growing interest in relying on an MSP to manage their network through private cloud services for many benefits such as easier remote network access and monitoring capability, reduced Capex and Opex.

Tapping into this market trend, Deep Blue Communications, a traditional VAR specialized in the hospitality, retail and public venue markets, has transformed its business model into a full-fledged managed service provider using the Ruckus Smar ... Read More

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Monetize, Optimize and Elevate your WiFi Ecosystem

The hotel WiFi Ecosystem is an ever evolving combination of hardware, software and now marketing opportunities. The hospitality, retail and entertainment marketer is continuously looking for new ways to engage consumers with a meaningful and relevant message. To help in this effort Deep Blue Communications has created MOE. MOE is an assessment tool we use to define hotel WiFi needs relative to their WiFi ecosystem, it's an acronym for Monetization, Optimization and Elevation.

MOE (Monetization, Optimization and Elevation): ... Read More

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Hotel WiFi: E-Marketing and Location Based Services

Social Media is todays word of mouth advertising. Did you know that 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchases* and that 4 in 10 have purchased an item in-store after sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest*? Social Media is a great tool to build brand awareness, give a face to your business and engage with your customer. Interesting fact: 1 Facebook ”˜like’ has an estimated $175 return on investment ... Read More

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