High User Density WiFi Networks for Large Entertainment Venues

Use your High User Density WiFi network to optimize your marketing and business operations

Deep Blue has solutions for Cloud-based hosting and Location Based Services (LBS) to take advantage of high user density WiFi networks. We can provide the reliability, redundancy and performance needed to connect thousands of users to your WiFi network. We can also show you how to identify, track and market to these users in real-time.

New Location Based Services (LBS)

Location Based Services (LBS) are valuable tools for high user density WiFi networks in use at stadiums and theme parks. LBS uses a WiFi enabled device’s current location to provide an enhanced service or experience. By being within the physical boundaries of a WiFi network or logging into it, LBS can determine a user’s location. Once logged in, a user’s location can be tracked and they can be presented with localized content.

Audience Building & Profiling

LBS can be used to gain valuable customer insight and analytical data from your high user density WiFi network. Once you know who and where your users are, you can use this data to market directly to them.

  • Pinpoint a User to a Specific Attraction
  • Reward Customers for Frequent Visits
  • Deliver Mobile Advertising, Promotions, and Price Match Promises

Elevate the User Experience

LBS provide a network owner an opportunity to elevate their user's experience and satisfaction by adding conveniences to their visit.

  • Navigation
  • Enhanced Product details
  • Refreshment Food Location and Menus
  • Transportation ETA and Wait Times
  • Quicker Payments and Checkout
  • Use Physical Location to Trigger Localized Content

Optimize your Operations with LBS

Businesses continually look for ways to optimize their operations. LBS is a powerful tool to increase business efficiencies in almost every department.

  • Workforce Tracking
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Reduces Operational Costs
  • Enhance Customer Communications
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Pinpoint and Relieve Bottlenecks

Engage for Customer Insight and Analytics

Deep Blue's high user density WiFi network solutions not only accommodate massive numbers of logins, but our engage! customer insight and analytics solution enables venues to market directly to users. Venues can track real time visitor footfalls, send them targeted eShot email and other localized content.

  • Customer Analytics and Reports
  • Real-time Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Content Management System
  • Targeted eShot Email Delivery Service
  • Network Analytics and Reports
  • Private Messages Inbox