Why Great WiFi Matters

Because the Internet is not
just this anymore

This is the Internet Today
Smart Watch

Smart Watches

Smart watches are the “next big thing”! Today’s smart watch is more than just an extension of your phone. It has become a standalone device that uses WiFi to provide users with weather updates, email, calendar items, maps, calculators, fitness tracking, and more. How many of these will be on people's gift lists this holiday season?

Health & Fitness

Health conscious visitors who use your fitness center to maintain their daily exercise schedule, and improve their overall health are using WiFi fitness trackers in every workout. Fitness wearables are getting less expensive and gaining more functions, such as tracking blood-oxygen levels, skin temperature, heart rate, counting footfalls and more.

Google Glass

Google Glass is a unique combination of phone, camera, and Internet device all connected through WiFi. Glass gives people easy access to their apps and all their Google services. Voice commands lets users free their hands while still controlling the device.


More and more, conscientious parents are using WiFi tracking devices to ensure the safety of their children. As the successor of the baby monitor, trackers enable a parent to know where their child, adolescent, or even pet is at all times. They can even set geo-fenced boundaries on your property.


For a photo enthusiast on vacation, adequate storage space can be an issue. Many cameras solve this with built in WiFi, enabling a photographer to shoot high quality images and upload them from the camera right to the cloud. Ample WiFi bandwidth is very important for these high data transfers.

Household Appliances

Everything from coffee machines to refrigerators to thermostats are now WiFi enabled. Consumers enjoy the convenience of appliances that tell them when their coffee is done, milk is out of date, adjust environmental controls when they enter or leave a room, keep their house clean, and more.

With Deep Blue, You Will Be Prepared for the Internet of Today

Hotel guests use their new WiFi enabled devices on a very personal level.

The health conscious use fitness bands, parents use WiFi child trackers, people document their lives with Facebook, and the new smart watches are poised to elevated interpersonal communication to a new level. People count on these devices in their every day lives and during their stay at your hotel. Will your hotel WiFi deliver to your guests the enhanced personal experience their devices promise?

How many of these new devices are there? How will they affect your network?

Think about this, worldwide smart phone sales will top 1.2 billion this year*. If just 10% of those consumers also buy a new WiFi enabled smart device this holiday season, there will be 120 million new devices in use next year. A network that is overtaxed will show symptoms of user login problems, slowness, and unresponsiveness. If your network can't handle these new demands, you can end up with dissatisfied guests, fewer return visitors, and worst of all - bad online reviews!

Deep Blue Communications can design, install and support a new WiFi network or upgrade your current one to meet the expanding needs of today and tomorrow.