Top 10 Benefits of a Managed WiFi Services Provider

  1. Professional network design and engineering
  2. Proactive, technology-based approach to WiFi services management
  3. Alignment with industry best practices and standards
  4. Consistent processes and knowledge management
  5. Support for multivendor environments and strong partnerships
  6. Consistent global service delivery, with options for local resources
  7. Performance-based service level agreements
  8. Broad portfolio of managed services aligned to your business model
  9. Technology foresight and a path to innovation
  10. Financial stability and reputation

Why You Should Choose
Deep Blue as Your Managed WiFi Services Provider

When it comes to hotel WiFi, user satisfaction is the key to success

A Managed Service WiFi Provider unburdens you from managing the advanced technology of modern WiFi networks and enables you to concentrate on what you do best, serving your guest’s needs. We offer a complete WiFi solution - engineering, installing, and supporting your WiFi network.

Starting with a site survey in which we take into account your floorplan, building construction, topography and potential RF interference sources, we determine the best equipment to use and design a network that provides optimal coverage for your entire hotel.

Once your network is designed, we take care to complete the installation in a timely manner with as little interruption to your guests as possible. Our on-site and off-site QA teams verify that your new WiFi network has attained optimum performance; on-site testing and heat mapping verify all areas are covered.

Our 24/7/365 U.S. Based Helpdesk is ready to offer support to any guest. Should any issue arise, our dedicated support staff will immediately detect and fix any problem – often before you even receive an alert, or your guests are inconvenienced.

We know that your guest’s satisfaction is your number one job, our job is to make sure you can do yours.