Managing K-12 WiFi: Supporting Classrooms in a Digital Age

With the explosion of digital curriculum, eLearning, classroom websites and other educational technologies, schools need the right IT tools and infrastructure to support teachers and students. How can a great K-12 E-Rate WiFi network and a managed E-Rate WiFi provider help? Download this free whitepaper and find out.

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Enhance the Learning Experience

A rock solid K-12 WiFi network works to promote digital curriculum and e-Learning through enabling dynamic audio and video that reflects events, research and data in real time, promoting a greater breadth and depth of knowledge.

The highest network performance possible is required to support the new digital learning environment.

Management to Relieve the IT Burden

More often than not, districts are relying on faculty and staff to supplement the IT role resulting in a heavy work load, missed opportunities and significant network downtime. A managed service E-Rate WiFi provider can decrease the IT burden and allow IT departments to support classrooms, not closets.

Poor performance by a school can effect everything from home and property values to school funding.

Safe and Secure for BYOD

With students, faculty, contractors, vendors, clubs, parents and visitors all bringing their own devices, the need for K-12 WiFI security is essential. The next new device is just around the corner, networks must be flexible and prepared.

53% of American children already have their own cell phone by the time they reach seven years old.

E-Rate: Budgeting New Technology

There are a number of incentives for schools looking to implement new K-12 Wi-Fi technology. In addition to numerous grants for classrooms, as well as funding for hardware, the E-Rate program also provides funding for an E-Rate WiFi provider.

As of FY2015, LANs/WLANs for schools and libraries can be obtained as a service for a period of three to five years from a third party who manages the entire system.

Find out about your E-Rate funding here

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