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Retail WiFi Solutions

Retail WiFi is what your high-tech customers demand!


Deep Blue works only with leading retail WiFi technology providers.  Offering Retail WiFi Internet access at your retail business can boost store traffic, increase off-peak business, and help you differentiate from the competition.
Our extensive experience includes implementation for the nationwide automobile retailer CarMax as well as building out services across the state to each office for the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board.


Deep Blue Communications can help you provide secure WiFi access to both your customers and staff. We offer flexible billing and authentication systems from pay-as-you go use to free access, giving you the ability to offer what your customers want.

Attract more business clientele by offering Retail WiFi.

Retail WiFi for chain stores is a great way for all of your customers to enjoy their wireless devices.  You clients can now take their time and shop, while being able to take care of business or personal situations right from your store.

Study results
A survey was sent to roughly 1,000 American consumers, of which 257 people responded. The results showed that: 1) WiFi access has become an important amenity in restaurants and cafes in the U.S.; 2) tech-savvy customers prefer restaurants or cafes with WiFi access.; 3) customers prefer the free-of-charge WiFi model over the paid models in restaurants; and 4) a stepwise regression model (a statistical technique used to identify the impact of a variable on other variables) showed that the following are predictors of the likelihood of a customer’s return to a restaurant: WiFi service availability, WiFi service quality, the price of WiFi service, the perceived risk of using WiFi service, and the perceived value of WiFi.

This study suggests that there is a positive correlation between WiFi service and customer return visits. This finding makes more sense considering that 70 percent of respondents indicate utilizing a WiFi-enabled device such as a laptop or PDA. Additionally, increasing numbers of consumers own dual-mode telephones that allow phone conversations to be conducted over a WiFi network for lower or no cost. Given these trends, it is likely that the demand for WiFi access in public places such as restaurants will only increase.

Wireless Security(Retail WiFi)

As businesses across all industries are deploying wireless networks to take advantage of the flexibility wireless affords, it does come at a cost in terms of security.  Deep Blue Communications recognizes the various vulnerabilities present in utilizing wireless networks and takes every precaution in protecting every network it designs and deploys against would be intruders.  A few ways Deep Blue prevents intrusions is by correctly configuring equipment to use proper authentication and full-length mixed case alphanumeric passwords, as well as network traffic intrusion detection systems where warranted.  We understand every industry and enterprise has their own set of unique requirements, business pressures and competitive challenges that we must consider and adapt for compliance issues.

Deep Blue Communications Retail WiFi:

• Provides private and public WiFi access.

• Can install a single access point as well as wall-to-wall coverage

• Has flexible access and billing systems for free-use or premium high-bandwidth pay-as-you-go services

• Offers personalized 24x7x365 support along with proactive monitoring so we know there’s a problem before your customers do

• Secures your public network from your private network

• Protects your business with required Terms of Use agreements

Retail WiFi

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