Ruckus ZoneFlex™ H500

The Industry’s first wired-wireless wall-switch
802.11ac access point with adaptive antennas!

The Ruckus ZoneFlex™ H500 accesspoint is the industry’s first wired and wireless wall switch that integrates high-speed 802.11ac WiFi into an ultra-sleek, low-profile design that can be quickly and discretely installed in a standard wall junction box. Ideal for offering converged services within hotel guest rooms and university dormitories, the ZoneFlex H500 provides an easy way to offer multiple connections into a single room without multiple cables.

BLE/iBeacon Convergence

Ruckus H500 features a USB sensor port powered BLE/iBeacon Convergence, enabling retailers to send hyper-contextual isle-specific advertisements to customers while they are in the store. The ZoneFlex H500 supports Gimbal, Radius Networks, BlueCats, and other USB Smart Beacon manufactures.  Learn more about BLE/iBeacon Convergence.

ZoneFlex™ H500 Benefits

Converged Wired/Wireless Connectivity

Dual band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi and four wired access ports. Provides complete wired and wireless connectivity for a wide range of devices and applications.

802.11ac: Superior, Fast WiFi Connectivity

802.11ac system delivers ultra high-speed connectivity and extends coverage in-room and beyond.

WiFi Signal that Responds to its Surroundings

BeamFlex+ Adaptive Antennas maximizes performance by adapting its antenna pattern to the environment. Responds to WiFi interference, AP mounting and client device orientation.

Matched Dual-Band Coverage for all Clients

Delivers high performance WiFi for all client devices, regardless of frequency band. Streams dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz concurrent connectivity.

Converged IP Services

Multiple SSIDs, port-based VLANs and robust authentication options make the ZoneFlex H500 ideal for supporting concurrent IP-based services such as VoIP, IPTV, high-speed Internet access and in-room device connectivity.

In-Room Private Networking

Enables a home-network like experience confined to a guest or dormitory room. Clients can connect their Chromecast, AppleTV, and other entertainment devices to a secure private network.

Easy to Install, Configure and Deploy

Installs into any standard network wall jack. Provides POE out to power devices such as IP-based VoIP phones eliminating the need for more power cords that clutter the environment.

Perfect for Hotels, Retail, and Large Entertainment Venues

Low profile design and front port access eliminates unsightly cabling and disruptive furniture placement. USB sensor port allows for BLE/iBeacon convergence.

Why Choose the Zoneflex™ H500 Over Competing 11ac Wall APs

  • Less Power Consumption than Competing APs
  • Better 11ac Rate Range and Mis-Match Coverage
  • Four Convenient Front Facing LAN Ports
  • Convenient Size Fits European Wall-Boxes

Ruckus SmartMesh™

Automatically meshes to the strongest AP with the least WiFi interference

Ruckus Zoneflex™ H500 automatically changes its signal path in order to avoid WiFi interference

SmartMesh™ from Ruckus

First Intelligent, Centralized WLAN Mesh Solution

  • Eliminates Ethernet cable to every Access Point (AP)
  • Only mesh system that avoids interference
  • Uses Radio Frequency (RF) signal routing to determine the best path to clients and between mesh nodes
  • Uses high-gain, long-range smart antennas to minimize hops and improve performance
  • Deploys in half the time
  • Half the cost of conventional WLANs
  • Simple, simple, simple to configure and manage

Hybrid Meshing

Highly Extensible Mesh Networking

  • Extends mesh with Ethernet connected mesh APs (eMAPs)
  • Enhances deployment flexibility
    • Can connect multiple APs to one MAP with Ethernet
    • More options for coverage design
  • Improves performance
    • Better spatial reuse with mesh branches on different channels
    • Expands network over wire
    • Saves a hop
  • Easy to use
    • Automatic and dynamic role discovery
    • Automatic channel selection
  • Ideal for remote buildings
  • Saves money