Improve care delivery, enhance resident lives and increase efficiencies with senior living WiFi.

From mobile health technology to concierge services, the necessity for reliable wifi for senior living and healthcare facilities is growing at an exponential rate. The need to exchange data reliably, securely and efficiently across all platforms and locations a daily concern. Choosing the correct managed service provider for your senior living WiFi network is the most important factor to keep things running smoothly. With new wifi solutions that streamline the sharing of health records, centralize communication within communities and provide live resident data for those providing health care, those who choose not to “go wireless” as a foundation could lose competitive edge.

senior living WiFi

Improve Care Delivery

WiFi enables instant communications between caregivers and physicians at the point of care, offering immediate access to real-time resident medical records and faster response times.

Staff can provide better care to residents with bedside data collection, location-based monitoring and instant communication with housekeeping, dietary and therapy to make sure all of the resident’s needs are met promptly, with the most accurate information at a clinician’s fingertips.

Response time is critical when lives are at stake. Instant access to medical records is mission critical.

Enhance Resident's Lives

Staying connected with WiFi gives residents a needed opportunity to socialize with friends and family, stay updated on current events, and continue active engagement in their community.

According to a Pew Research study, 59% of seniors aged 65 use the internet. Tablets are their device of choice.

-Pew Research Study

Increase Operating Efficiencies

WiFi enables facilities to track mobile carts, medical devices, tablets and other assets to prevent loss, damage and HIPAA violations. Lower costs with integrated energy management systems designed to automatically turn off lights, televisions and the like in unused common areas.

68% of healthcare data breaches due to device loss or theft.

-HIT Consultant