WiFi Network Installation

Our installation technicians take great care to make sure your installation goes smoothly and quickly. We realize that any inconvenience to your guest is a reflection on your customer service. Ensuring your guests satisfaction is our number one concern during a hotel WiFi installation.

10+ Years of Experience

Having installed over 1,000 WiFi networks over the last 10 years, we pride ourselves on having the business's most experienced and knowledgeable installation crews.

Installation Expertise

With certifications in Advance Fiber Optics and Design in accordance with BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International), RCDD (Registered Communications Distribution Design) and CEC (Consolidated Electric Cooperative) Standards, our experience enables us to meet the needs any project. We analyze your existing infrastructure determining all supplies and equipment needed. We make use of existing cabling, fiber or switching infrastructure or install our own.

We Care About Your Property

We take care not to damage any property during WiFi installations. We install hardware inconspicuously, all wired power cabling is neatly secured and out of sight. When performing an outdoor WiFi installation, we place access points such that they blend in with the environment.

Testing and Quality Assurance Ensure Great Results

After the hardware and software installation is complete, it receives extensive testing and documentation. Our on-site technicians and remote engineering WiFi support team run full set of WiFi diagnostics to ensure it is operating to full capacity and integrates properly with chosen software solution.