Additional Deep Blue Services

Engage! for Hotel WiFi and Retail WiFi Networks

Engage! WiFi Powered Customer Insights and Analytics

Turn your hotel WiFi or retail WiFi network into a powerful marketing tool. Use Engage WiFi analytics, targeted email and WiFi social marketing to better understand who your customers are, monetize your network, and elevate the user experience with a higher level of engagement. Now you can put your WiFi Network to work for you.

Custom Landing pages for Hotel WiFi, Retail WiFi, and High User Density WiFi Networks

Custom Landing Page

A landing page is the first page a guest sees when connecting to a hotel WiFi or retail WiFi network. We brand each page to fulfill your requirements. Also, we offer custom development for pages to present special information or gather data from customers for custom reporting and analytics. A hotel WiFi or retail WiFi landing page can be modified to handle a variety of different billing options for tiered Internet usage including credit cards, bill to room, and Paypal.

WiFi Consulting for Retail, High User Density, and Hotel WiFi Networks

WiFi Network and Consulting

Do you have a complex technology problem you need solved but you are not looking for a new full-time service provider? As experts at creating unique WiFi network solutions we will solve that complex problem.

WiFi Services

Internet Access Almost Anywhere

Do you require high-speed WiFi access in your bus, train, limo, or aqua-duck? We provide temporary or permanent WiFi access nearly anywhere. We even provide mobile video surveillance and recording.

WiFi Services

Wireless Backhaul

We engineer and install wireless backhauls. These backhauls can deliver Internet and/or connectivity over long or short distances.

Common Applications Include:

  • Extending or Replacing Fiber Connections
  • Delivering Internet at Long Distances
  • Municipal and other Mesh Networks
WiFi Services


Complete billing and social media authentication platform customized to accommodate any hotel WiFi network needs. From hourly, weekly, monthly, and even free metered access; our flexible billing system can provides detailed end-user reports, monthly revenue checks, and analytics.

WiFi Services

Proactive Real-Time WiFi Network Monitoring

We have the ability to proactively support your WiFi network and respond to issues before you report them.

Our Commitment to Wireless Security

When businesses and industries deploy technology to enable WiFi to optimize their operations and user engagement, they must always be security conscious. We recognize the various vulnerabilities present in utilizing WiFi networks and take every precaution to protect every network we design and deploy against would be intruders. A few ways we prevent intrusions is by correctly configuring equipment to use proper authentication and full-length mixed case alphanumeric passwords, plus network traffic intrusion detection systems where warranted. We understand every industry has its own set of unique requirements, business pressures and competitive challenges that we must consider and adapt for compliance issues.