WiFi Network Support

For support, please call 800-622-0396

24/7/365 U.S. Based Help Desk

Our three tiered WiFi network support system ensures users get help quickly and efficiently.

They handle issues from simple to the complex:

  • Assisting inexperienced users
  • Conference networking WiFi support
  • Staff level WiFi support
  • ISP and routing
  • Network security
  • Non-PC device setup
  • Real time monitoring

SNMP Real Time Monitoring

With our real time WiFi network support, monitoring, and alert system we monitor your network around the clock to verify that the WiFi network is functioning properly, quickly diagnosing and solving any issue in a timely manner. We also provide on-site visits, maintenance, and emergency response upon request.

Transparency and Accountability

We believe that transparency in all our support services leads to measurably better service. MyDeepBlue's personalized data driven accountability and reporting allow you to always know what is happening within the WiFi network. All support calls are recorded for review at any time and all steps taken to resolve issues are thoroughly documented in personalized support tickets. Your guests' satisfaction is our number one priority.