Hospitality Asset Management Co., Inc.

Quality Inn, Carnegie Inn & Spa and Days Inn of State College, Pennsylvania

Why did you decide on using Deep Blue Communications?

I received a good recommendation based on the experience one of our General Managers had with DeepBlue. The fact DeepBlue was one of two Wyndham preferred vendors was a real feather in their caps, too. After I called both preferred vendors, Rebecca Douglass of DeepBlue had such an ease about her style of doing business that it was almost a done deal on the first call. She made statements like, "I'll send our top cabling guy down there to do a survey; he loves a challenge." My immediate thought was, this is my kind of company! I'm too used to getting the mega-corporation canned response: "beep...A technician will be on site between the hours of 8AM and 5PM. Please be sure someone over 18 is available.... beep"

What did you find as a result using Deep Blue Communications?

Our site scores (Revinate) have risen from a middle of the pace 3 out of 5, which included a number of angry-bad reviews, to an astounding 4.5 (and climbing). The 'hand-grenade' reviews have dwindled to one or two per month.

What specific feature did you like most about Deep Blue Communications?

Their product works. I also like the data and monitoring sites that are available to me as an IT professional. I also think that everyone I've dealt with: Rebecca, Dave, Chris, and Matthew have been professional and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, all had a can-do attitude. The generic big bad company often rules by fear so that employees are often saying: you'll have to contact another department, or I'll have to get approval from my manager. Bravo to DeepBlue for empowering their employees.

What would be three other benefits to your guests?

Fast, reliable Internet for all devices. Tech support that not only speak English but who speak American English. Not having to pick the right AP to log into as they did with the old system. We have a lot of Pacific Rim people here visiting Penn State and they depend on a rock solid Internet connection. Though I'm sure they are used to much slower American WiFi, they must be satisfied at our property more so than in the past.

Would you recommend this product? If so, why?

Absolutely: the people first, the product a very close second (Ruckus is a product line for those who know what they are doing in wireless; all others use Cisco or some other overpriced/underpowered brand), price third.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

We have one of the more challenging installations for a hotel: old construction, metal walls, steel, external antennas, thousands of students ready to steal the signal. DeepBlue addressed all of these concerns and actually gave us a much better product than the other approved vendor was offering -- and for less! They also came in on budget!

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