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Wireless Internet Installation

Wireless Internet Installation Made Easy.

At Deep Blue Wireless we engineer, install, and support WiFi Networks. With over eight years of experience, our team contains expertise in designing premium networks as well as installation. Wireless internet installation has never been easier!

We follow and comply with your wireless internet installation standards.

By carefully following industry best practices, Deep Blue Communications provides network installation services which exceed some of the most stringent hotel brand standards, and thus eliminating end user frustration. Upon completion of your installation, we offer premiere support options, including a 24/7 US based help desk and network support.  Expert installation combined with world class support from Deep Blue Communications will insure the success of your network.  We are here to support you when you need it.

Wireless Security

As businesses across all industries are deploying wireless networks to take advantage of the flexibility wireless affords, it does come at a cost in terms of security.  Deep Blue Communications recognizes the various vulnerabilities present in utilizing wireless networks and takes every precaution in protecting every network it designs and deploys against would be intruders.  A few ways Deep Blue prevents intrusions is by correctly configuring equipment to use proper authentication and full-length mixed case alphanumeric passwords, as well as network traffic intrusion detection systems where warranted.  We understand every industry and enterprise has their own set of unique requirements, business pressures and competitive challenges that we must consider and adapt for compliance issues.

Wireless Internet Installation Experts

For nearly a decade we have been successfully supporting hotels, timeshares, MDUs, Condos, Marinas, RV Resorts, Shops, restaurants, and much more. Deep Blue Wireless works with most major hotel brands, and we use only our own employees on installations. We are financially secure, and for qualified customers, we’ll fund the complete installation with no upfront costs!

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