Senior Network Engineer – REV

Job Description:

Senior Network Engineer – REV is a role that will transcend multiple departments and project phases. Network engineer reports to the Director of Operations – REV. As a S. Network Engineer – REV, you will be responsible for participating in all phases of network deployments, from conception to completion.

Hours of operation are standard 8:30a-5p EST hours, however different projects and implementations may require shifting this schedule or working additional hours. It is expected that this role will work between 45-50 hours per week on average. Working from home is a standard practice for certain tasks and can be discussed on a per project basis.

Some travel will be required of this position (up to 2 weeks per month, typically 1 week or less per month). It is expected that you will be home each weekend.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Please Note: The Roles and Responsibilities Outlined Below are approximations of the role that will be filled. This role specifically is a nimble and flexible role, where many “hats” will be worn. It is expected that through excellent communication and understanding of projects, appropriate levels of involvement will be held by the team member.

Sales Engineering – Coordinating with sales personnel and customers to understand the need for a solution, level of complexity, vendor integrations, and expectations of the customer in relation to the wireless network’s potential performance.

Network Design and Drafting – Work with tools to create functional, easy to read, and easy to adjust network diagrams that display not only typical network implementation layout, but also Access Point placement and wireless propagation simulation. Properly document a written explanation of implementation plan and appropriately allocate equipment and labor resources.

Deployment Engineering – Managing installation practices, quality control, performing network installation engineering tasks, and overseeing lower level engineers & contractors while holding accountability to installation practices. Quality control as necessary.

Maintenance and Support Engineering – Provide ongoing management and oversight to REV deployments, working with customer and internal personnel to ensure ongoing success of REV implementations.

Network and wireless consulting – Work with DBC engineers and customers to come up with budget-conscious solutions that will meet or exceed customer expectations on performance in relation to wireless network implementation.

Business level understanding and consulting – Match DBC services and capabilities with customers’ needs. Provide customers with value for DBC services through clever integrations, flexible networking practices, and high-level knowledge. Leverage DBC’s vendor agnostic approach to networking to determine the right solutions for each individual customer.

Experience & Education Requirements

We are seeking candidates for this position with the following credentials

  • 2-4 Year Degree in a Computer Science Field
  • 10+ years’ experience within a network implementation and support environment
  • 3+ years’ experience working in network design, sales engineering, or deployment management for network installations.
  • 3+ years’ experience working within a wireless networking environment with managed deployments
  • Experience working with networking deployments and wireless networking for events, venues, and conventions.
  • 2 professional references within the industry (to be provided after initial interview)
  • 1 customer reference within the industry (to be provided after initial interview)

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