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Marina WiFi Network Deployment

Marina WiFi Network Deployment ChallengesInstalling a marina WiFi network comes with many unique challenges. Marinas that want to deploy a WiFi network for their customers may have difficulty finding an Internet service provider (ISP). The WiFi equipment will need to be able to withstand constant exposure to difficult weather conditions. The marina will also need…
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BYOD: What Does a Company Do?

The next evolution in WiFi Access As people become more comfortable with technology, they are increasingly utilizing their own personal devices for their work. They may ask, how do I bring my own device to work? Business networks are not only accessed by employees via their workstations, but also by smart phones, tablets, notebook computers…
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The Benefits of Tiered Internet Pricing

The Benefits Of A Tiered Internet Pricing Model Tiered Internet pricing models allow hotels to offer their guests the convenience of free Internet access, while making faster speeds available to those guests that need it. Bandwidth is a commodity that is both limited in quantity and consumed quickly. Many hotels have come to the realization…
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Ruckus Wireless Equipment Improves Business Conference WiFi

Business conferences have a reputation for having poor WiFi Internet access While these venues put a lot of effort into advertising and competing for business, the larger the conference, the less accessible WiFi seems to be throughout the venue. One of the major challenges that large business conferences must overcome is the difficulty of providing…
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