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DIRECTV for Business Offers More Than Traditional Cable

DIRECTV for business offers more HD programming options than those offered by local cable providers. Customers want more than an average TV experience, so why should business owners settle for mediocre TV entertainment options. Sports bars, restaurants, hotels, and even hospitals can all benefit by subscribing to a DIRECTV for business packages.

Sports bars cannot afford to miss a game when there is a local blackout. While customers can go to the big game, sports bars are still open but may lose business during these local game blackouts. DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday ticket is the solution for serious football fans and the bars where they prefer to spend game day. NFL Sunday Ticket airs fourteen NFL games each week of the season, allowing sports bar, restaurant, and even barbershop customers to enjoy all of the games of their favorite teams. DIRECTV offers a full range of sports packages year round to entertain fans of other sporting events, including packages for NBA, MLB, NASCAR, College Football and Basketball, and many more.

In a survey of businesses that subscribe to DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package, over 76% of the bars and restaurants believe that their revenue has increased directly from adding this programming option. DIRECTV business subscribers receive four HD receivers to make the most of an establishment’s multiple flat-screen televisions. DIRECTV wants their business customers to succeed and provides marketing packs to their business subscribers to attract new customers and maximize their establishment’s revenues by using all of the benefits of DIRECTV service.

DIRECTV for Business Offers the Best in In-Room TV

DIRECTV has services to specifically cater to the hospitality industry. Hotel restaurants and bars can take advantage of all of the DIRECTV premium sports packages to encourage guests to watch their favorite games in the hotel restaurants and bars rather than patronizing other local bars. DIRECTV also offers options for in-room entertainment. One of their newest features, DIRECTV Residential Experience for Hotels, provides guests with the same on-screen program guide that they are familiar with at home. The DIRECTV channel guide allows hotels to customize in-room menu guides with their hotel’s logo. In addition to the standard HD programming available, hotels can add premium channels, such as Stars and HBO, to give their guests additional programming choices.

Additional hotel features available from DIRECTV are:

  • Simplified remotes with antimicrobial finishes
  • Over 100 HD channels (more than any cable provider)
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Tips and tricks to promote the DIRECTV services available throughout the hotel
  • Centrally located receivers and head units to prevent in-room equipment theft and damage

DIRECTV is an affordable way for hotels to deliver the best HD programming to all of their guests. Competitive financing is available for the DIRECTV equipment, including 0% financing options. DIRECTV structures pricing tiers based on the number of guest rooms in the hotel to allow hotels to benefit from the most affordable monthly charges. Hotels that are interested in switching from their current cable provider to DIRECTV can also take advantage of their new customer promotions. New hotel subscribers can receive DIRECTV service and programming for the price of $2.50 a month per room for the first year.

Hospital and medical facilities can greatly benefit from DIRECTV for business. Patients, who are restricted to their hospital rooms, look forward to being able to view their favorite shows during their recovery. DIRECTV provides over 100 channels that patients can enjoy during their stay. Qualified technicians will install, configure the hospital’s system, and train staff in the operation of the DIRECTV system. Premium stations, like HBO and Starz, are also available to hospitals that want to offer these additional viewing options.

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