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Hotel Internet Gateway: A Guide to the Necessary Features

A hotel internet gateway differs from a standard business internet gateway due to the variety of Internet access options needed throughout a hotel. A standard business internet gateway provides connectivity and security features to all of the network’s users and prevents unwanted access to the network, but a hotel internet gateway must do this and much more. A hotel internet gateway is the backbone of a robust and reliable hospitality network.
Some of the most common hospitality features are:

  • Integration with existing property management systems (PMS)
  • Direct credit card billing
  • Complete network segmentation for the different areas of the hotel
  • Custom terms of use landing pages

Hotel Internet Gateway Integration and Security

Not all hotel internet gateways are capable of integrating with existing hotel PMS’s. Those that do not, either provide free access to all guests, or require the hotel staff to enter billing data manually into the hotel’s billing system. This may be a reasonable task for some hotel staff to manage, but manual data entry can lead to errors, missed billing, or billing disputes with guests. Losing revenue by choosing the wrong internet gateway is easily preventable by installing a specialized hotel internet gateway that allows guests to either pay for their access directly via credit card, or by sending the billing information directly to the PMS to bill the guest at the time of checkout.

Network security is important to any business, but it is critical in the hospitality industry. One purpose of a hotel internet gateway is to secure the hotel’s operational network completely from the network that guests have the ability to access. Also, additional wi-fi network segments may be required for conference rooms and meeting areas depending on the individual property. An incorrectly configured or inadequate hotel internet gateway can leave a hotel exposed to a potential security breach and the legal consequences of having poor network security.

Hotel Internet Gateway Landing Pages

In a typical business environment, there is no need for users to have a hotel landing page explaining the charges and terms of use for network access. However, a hotel must inform their guests of any charges that they may incur, as well as the guest’s responsibilities as an Internet user in the hotel. These customized landing pages protect both the guests and hotel from the hassle of disputed charges, and protect the hotel from guests who may use the Internet for illegal purposes. In addition, customized landing pages have the ability to advertise other services that the hotel offers during the guest’s stay, potentially leading to additional revenue.

The hospitality industry is fiercely competitive. Our clients work hard to distinguish their hotels and their services in order to attract and retain guests. Fast, secure, and reliable WiFi internet service is becoming a necessary amenity for many guests, especially business travelers. Choosing the right hotel internet gateway is integral to having access to all of the necessary features that guests want, while providing the flexibility to accommodate all of the various network demands throughout the hotel property.

Deep Blue Communications understands the importance of these issues to our hospitality clients, which is why we install, configure, and customize each hotel internet gateway specifically for each individual hotel. We take into consideration all of the hotel’s amenities and structural limitations, as well as their corporate requirements, to ensure that the network meets all of their concerns. We provide full support to our clients to ensure that their guests will always have the reliable internet service they need for the entirety of their stay. Successful hotels cannot afford the bad reviews and the loss of repeat business caused by an inadequate network. A hotel internet gateway that does not meet all of the requirements of a hotel is not a worthwhile purchase. A hotel can only provide reliable internet service for their guests by choosing the best equipment backed by a reliable and competent provider like Deep Blue Communications.

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