WiFi Network Engineering

Whether you need a hotel WiFi network, retail WiFi network or a high user density WiFi network, we can engineer a network to meet or exceed your corporate compliance requirements. WiFi engineering is our passion.

We Handle Any Size Property

Our WiFi engineers design networks of all sizes and for many uses. Our hotel WiFi and retail WiFi networks range from the cost effective hi-speed LiteBlue WiFi solution for smaller hotel WiFi networks to large scale enterprise grade WiFi networks for high occupancy facilities. We have engineered WiFi networks for large venues such as high rise luxury hotels, racetracks, condos, casinos, timeshares, resorts, conference centers, RV parks, MDU’s and amusement parks across the country. Whatever your size, we can design a WiFi network solution that is right for you.

Attention to Detail at the Start

When designing a WiFi network, we conduct a site survey, generating a WiFi heat map of the current WiFi network to identify problem areas. We evaluate building layout and construction materials to anticipate any installation difficulties and avoid potential delays. These two methods allow us to determine optimal access point placement to ensure consistent coverage and minimize interference.

Our Passion for WiFi Drives Our Technology

We love WiFi and are committed to driving WiFi technological development to provide to you the advanced services you require. Our cloud hosted Ruckus Wireless solution can support tens of thousands of users, ensuring a consistent user experience across all locations, while providing better uptime than a locally managed Ruckus Zone Director. Our fully redundant data centers provide the best uptime in the industry.

Software Engineering, Integration and Development

Often a property has existing mission critical software that must be integrated with its new WiFi network. Our staff developers can develop or integrate existing tools seamlessly. We install software solutions for conference management, PMS and billing integration, and social media authentication.

WiFi User Analytics and Marketing

Our new WiFi powered customer insight and analytics solution - engage! - turns your hotel WiFi or retail WiFi network into a powerful marketing tool. This solution uses social authentication to capture user demographics used to segment your users by age, gender, and frequency of visit. You can send offers and promotions through our eShot engagement system.