WiFi Solutions for hotels


Hotel WiFI


DBC is an expert in meeting your brand’s hotel WiFi requirements. From entertainment, business, social media, fitness and gaming, we ensure guests get what they want, where they want it – on any device.

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Entertainment Venue WiFi

High Density Venues

Attracting large conference to your large venue requires a dependable WiFi network that can accommodate thousands of simultaneous logins. Attendees want access to all of their data without interruption.

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Retail Store WiFi


With the market for mobile apps and technologies skyrocketing, savvy retailers are using their WiFi network to interact with their customers on a personal level, and keeping people in their store longer.

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Marina WiFi


Boaters need anywhere, anytime connectivity. Marina WiFi is an excellent service that will attract more boaters to your marina and is also a great way to upgrade your business technology and security.

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