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Hotel Wifi

Meeting Your Brand Requirements and Satisfying Your Guest’s Hotel WiFi Needs

Deep Blue Communications continuously undergoes rigorous testing to meet and exceed the highest hospitality wifi standards. We are a Hilton approved provider, Marriott GPNS certified, a Wyndham Worldwide Approved Supplier, and a Hyatt Hotel Approved Vendor. We work directly with major hospitality IT departments to deliver the best of breed technology to ensure you’re always in compliance with brand standards.

Whether it’s needed for entertainment, business, social media, fitness or gaming, we ensure your Wi-Fi network always satisfies you guests’ needs.

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Great hotel WiFi increases guest satisfaction and more…

Did you know that 65% of hotel guests login to the WiFi network within 7 minutes of arriving?* Their quest for satisfaction begins as soon as they walk into their room. Well, not only will a great WiFi network help keep your guests satisfied during their stay, but it increases staff efficiency, lowers costs, and generates a positive view of your hotel’s other amenities.

Here are some other ways great WiFi can benefit you…

  • Ensure Brand Compliance
  • Integrate Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Increase Conferencing Business
  • Custom Software & PMS Integration
  • Staff & Resource Tracking
  • Enhance Guest & Staff Security
  • Collect Guest Data and Analytics

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Enhanced Network Services (ENS) New Construction Project Workflow Technology Partners

*Source: The Guardian

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  1. Bandwidth Management
    The days of one device per user are long over, users can eat up bandwidth and slow your network. Deep Blue’s technology can cap user bandwidth so everyone stays connected.
  2. Free or Paid Access
    We offer tiered and higher bandwidth options that can integrate with your PMS system to authenticate charges directly to the room bill, and offer the flexibility of free zones for common areas.
  3. User Authentication
    Simple click-to-connect allows users to accept terms in one click. No PMS system? We offer a simple password or single use code. For PMS integration, we offer folio authentication utilizing last name and room number and loyalty program integration.
  4. In-Room Collateral
    We place brand compliant in-room tent cards with a direct number to our 24/7/365 U.S. Based Help Desk; if there’s ever a problem, we can handle it all.
  5. Multi-Device Compatibility
    Deep Blue offers login screens optimized for any viewing device. We can set limits on the number of devices per user and provide shared bandwidth for optimal performance.
  6. Tiered Bandwidth
    Free internet is now a common request and prized guest amenity. Tiered bandwidth enables hotels to offer guests free service or offer an upgrade to a faster paid connection.
  7. Software Integration
    We can integrate any of your business systems with your Deep Blue WiFi network. Whether you require a PMS system, loyalty program, social media login, environmental controls, IPTV, VoIP, POS or custom development, our developers will get you connected.
  8. MyDeepBlue Dashboard
    Whether you’re managing one property or many, this dashboard delivers easy to understand data about your guest WiFi experience, infrastructure and utilization, SNMP monitoring and guest metrics. Request a free demo today.
  9. Monetize your Hotel WiFi Network
    Hotels are feeling pressured to provide free, fast and reliable hotel WiFi to support all these new devices. We offer monetization through social media authorization, which enables a ROI.

Top 10 Features for Hospitality WiFi

Because of the growing number of WiFi enabled devices hotel guests carry with them every day, hoteliers must stay knowledgeable about the WiFi technology that keeps their guests satisfied and returning.

Do you know what the top uses for WiFi are in hotels today? Download this free whitepaper and find out.

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