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WiFi Solutions for Retail Stores

Retail WiFi for Customer Engagement

Retail WiFi networks are converting – and keeping – customers. With the market for mobile apps and technologies skyrocketing, savvy retailers are using their WiFi network to interact with their customers on a personal level. Regardless of their location, your customers can utilize mobile retail apps to access deals, promote your brand and interact with social media. The analytics from this valuable data, combined with in-store behavior, can be used to track sales and marketing performance, target offers more effectively, and reward frequent customers.

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Key Benefits of Deep Blue Retail WiFi

  1. Capture Demographics & Target Customers
    Successful retailers leverage technology to enhance the in-store experience and offer additional platforms for customers to engage with a brand. Deep Blue’s technology connects customers to your retail WiFi so you learn more about their shopping patterns, purchases and habits, and can utilize that data to market more effectively – targeting offers that can improve the customer experience with your brand.
  2. Convert Browsers into Buyers
    A retail WiFi connection gives customers one more reason to stay and shop. With a combination of online, in-store and retail WiFi access points, location-based services (LBS) help retailers combine the best of online marketing with the in-store experience. Retailers can alert customers of in-store and online promotions and utilize mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems to reduce wait times.
  3. Reward Return Customers
    Offering loyalty rewards to your best customers keeps them coming back for more. As a retail WiFi provider, Deep Blue enables retailers to offer loyalty rewards to customers via mobile devices. Retailers can access a customer’s visit history and reward return customers with specific products, discounts, rewards programs and other incentives based on number of visits and purchases.
  4. Create a Multi-Channel Brand Experience
    Whether your customers purchase from you online or in-store, the brand experience needs to be the same. Retail WiFi allows you to give the same benefit to shoppers on site that they have at home. With Deep Blue, retailers benefit from allowing customers to search mobile devices for in-store items, ordering and shipping the item right on the spot if it isn’t currently available.
  5. Enhance Location-Based Offerings
    By utilizing a combination of online, in-store and retail WiFi access points and beacons, location-marketing combines the best of online marketing with the in-store experience. Smart retailers that offer in-store WiFi give customers the ability to quickly research the information they’re looking for, access promotions, and purchase a product onsite – whether at the retail location or on their website. Retailers can offer seasonal and event-based incentives for customers based on locality – making the big box stores more appealing to local markets and empowering small businesses to compete with highly-tailored locavore promotions.
  6. Assist Shoppers with Navigation
    New applications help shoppers add products to shopping lists, find aisles for the specific items, and discover new products. Combining navigation tools with product promotions not only enhances the shopping experience, it also provides a database for retailers to measure everything from seasonal shopping preferences and effective marketing to optimal store layouts.
  7. Improve Inventory Management
    From the warehouse shelf to the in-store stock, retail WiFi is a powerful tool for inventory management and customer satisfaction. Mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems can alert everyone from the purchasing manager to the end consumer when something is out of stock at a retail site, where it can be purchased at another site locally, if it is available to order online, and when delivery can be expected.
  8. Enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    Not only does point-of-sale, online and in-store purchasing data help retail businesses target individual customers with the right products and promotions at the right time, when aggregated it can inform executive management on global trends across the entire enterprise. With Deep Blue’s reporting and analytics, retailers can measure inventory trends, marketing and ad campaigns down to a specific product.

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