Hotel, Retail, K-12 WiFi Services

WiFi Services & Support

Enhanced Network Services (ENS)

Ensure your property opens on time, on budget, with all your technologies working the way they should – on day one.

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WiFi Engineering, Installation & Support

Engineering & Installation

Whether you need a hotel WiFi network, retail WiFi network or a high user density WiFi network, we can engineer a network to meet or exceed your corporate compliance requirements. WiFi engineering is our passion.

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Deep Blue Communications 24/7/365 U.S. Based Helpdesk for WiFi Support

US Based Support

Our 24 x 7 x 365 live WiFi network support ensures users get help quickly and efficiently so smaller issues don’t become larger problems.

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MyDeepBlue Dashboard

MyDeepBlue Dashboard

The mobile friendly MyDeepBlue Dashboard provides unique insight into your guest WiFi network. Whether you’re managing one property or many, this dashboard delivers easy to understand data about your hotel WiFi.

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Conferencing Solutions

Attracting conferences to your venue requires a dependable WiFi network that can accommodate thousands of simultaneous logins.

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