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Conference Center WiFi Solutions

Conferencing Solutions for Any Size Facility

Attracting conferences to your venue requires a dependable WiFi network that can accommodate thousands of simultaneous logins. Attendees require access to all of their data – including presentations, email, social media and business accounts – without interruption. Deep Blue provides a world-class conference center WiFi management solution, whether you have 100 users or 10,000.

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Key Benefits

  1. WiFi That Just Works
    At Deep Blue, we believe attendees should concentrate on their conference, not connecting to a WiFi network. With cloud access so vital these days, network problems are not an option. We use state-of-the-art hardware and software with easy “click-to-connect”, or tiered options, to securely and reliably keep your guests online.
  2. Dual Band WiFi
    Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5GHz is the new standard for conference center WiFi. While 2.4GHz provides strong connection and functionality, it can get congested with the sheer volume of mobile device traffic. 5GHz fills the gap with less interference and a stronger signal. Combining both creates a no-fail network.
  3. Bandwidth Management
    Delivering ample bandwidth while preventing a conference center WiFi network from being overwhelmed can be a delicate balancing act. We can cap bandwidth or prioritize it to your preferred conferences. Deep Blue offers tiered services, allowing you to capture more revenue or to charge per number of user devices.
  4. WiFi Speed
    Nothing stalls a conference like a slow WiFi connection. Without an adequate bandwidth your network will slow to a crawl as the data traffic jams. Our team of network engineers not only ensure you have the correct bandwidth for your facilities, but can optimize bandwidth levels for users and locations so your attendees get the best WiFi coverage.
  5. On-Site WiFi Management
    With event WiFi, failure is not an option. Deep Blue has a 24/7/365 U.S. Based Help Desk to support your conference and we offer on-site technicians to monitor and respond to any issues with the network. As your conference center WiFi Service Provider, we offer a single point of contact to ensure that your customers are always satisfied with your service.
  6. Multiple Device Support
    Conference attendees need to be able to access their data regardless of the device they are using. Supporting tablets, phones, and even watches with screens ranging in size from a few inches to over a foot are a must. With Deep Blue, you can deliver a branded, mobile-friendly dynamic login screen to accommodate any device.

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