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WiFi for Large Entertainment Venues

Deep Blue Specializes in High User Density WiFi Deployment

From social media and Location Based Service venue navigation to retail and rewards, Deep Blue’s large entertainment venue WiFi can take you there. Outdoor WiFi networks can deliver personalized, branded content and entertainment right to your visitors – wherever they are in your venue – helping you directly engage with your best customers.

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Who Can Benefit from Entertainment Venue WiFi?

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Key Benefits of Entertainment Venue WiFi

  1. Visitor Engagement
    If there was ever a great new technology to both elevate the user experience and increase ROI, we have it. Combine Deep Blue WiFi with push notifications and Location Based Services (LBS) and offer exclusive discounts to visitors that are relevant to them – wherever they are. Reduce the “hit to miss” ratio by geo-targeting visitors as they approach attractions, restaurants and clubs.
  2. Personalized Offers
    Successful entertainment venues leverage technology to enhance the guest experience and offer additional platforms for customers to engage with a brand. Deep Blue connects customers to your WiFi so you learn more about their visiting patterns, purchases and habits and can utilize that data to market more effectively – targeting offers to improve the customer experience and make them happy.
  3. Way Finding
    Where is the closest parking? Where can I get a hot dog right now? How about the nearest bathroom? With new WiFi technology, guests can make the most of their visit by finding the food, beverages, amenities and conveniences they need – right from their device. Giving your guests the best outdoor WiFi access to your services means happier guests and more return visits.
  4. Anywhere Entertainment
    What do your visitors do while waiting in line? Social media, entertainment and gaming apps are the key to keeping tension low in longer lines, and can be a great opportunity to promote your brand. With integrated social media marketing or branded apps, businesses are tying promotions, rewards and loyalty-based programs to guests when they login – making great WiFi worth their while and connecting with customers.
  5. Multi-Channel Brand Experience
    Whether your customers purchase merchandise or tickets from you online or at your venue, the brand experience needs to be the same. Outdoor WiFi provides the same opportunities to guests on site that they have at home. With Deep Blue, outdoor venues benefit from allowing customers to search mobile devices for merchandise, ticket upgrades, experiences and more, ordering and shipping the item right on the spot.
  6. Optimized Operations
    Location based services (LBS) increases efficiencies, like using mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems to enable fast, secure concessions and merchandise sales – saving space, manpower and time. Not only does POS, online and venue purchasing data help businesses target customers with the right products and promotions at the right time, when aggregated it can inform on global trends across the entire enterprise.

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