Case Study

Case Study: Cedar Fair Kings Island WiFi Solution

Bringing the Future of WiFi and Marketing to the Midwest’s Largest Amusement Park & Waterpark

The Challenge

Built in 1972, before the personal computer, the Internet, or cell phones were ever dreamed of, Kings Island reached the guests through traditional advertising and marketing methods. However, in 2014 its management decided to establish and leverage digital technology to provide guests a more personalized, engaging and fun experience on every visit.

Deep Blue Communications designed, installed and continues to service a state-of-the-art WiFi network for both guests and back-house. This network utilized 126 Ruckus access points to cover the over 364 acre amusement and water park.

Once WiFi for the amusement park was attained, mobile marketing company TE2 provided a platform for real time, relevant coupons and promotions; show and event notifications; mobile ticket, meal and retail purchase; way-finding, ride wait times and general trip planning.

The Solution

Before Deep Blue’s WiFi network, Cedar Fair Kings Island was a clean slate with no public facing WiFi at the amusement park. This gave Deep Blue a unique opportunity to design a network from the ground up supporting the technology Kings Island would be deploying.

Expert knowledge in the use of state-of-the-art Ruckus access points with Beamflex technology was key.

Beamflex antennas arrays have 12 high-gain, directional antenna elements capable of forming 4096 unique antenna patterns for massive diversity. Ruckus devices find and select from many quality signal paths in a changing environment to sustain the baseline performance required for data, voice and video applications. Unlike omni-directional antennas that radiate signals in all directions, BeamFlex directs transmit energy towards the best path to the receiving device.

An outdoor cabling solution was also needed to protect wired connections from the environment and wildlife. Deep Blue created a custom cabling solution for the amusement park that dramatically cut conduit costs, protected it from wildlife, made it easier to identify, and gave it greater longevity.

The Result

As a result of this WiFi network, Cedar Fair Kings Island was able to optimize business operations by providing mobile access to operational systems over a secure WPA2 enterprise WLAN and get a view of their park from their guests’ perspective.

Other benefits of the WiFi network include third-party applications from TE2 that provide guests ride wait times, real-time location information and way-finding.

Together, Deep Blue and TE2 provide a path into the future of amusement park WiFi; a more personalized, engaging and fun experience for the user and a monetized return on a venue’s investment.

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About Cedar Fair Kings Island Amusement & Waterpark

With more than 100 rides, shows and attractions, Kings Island offers the perfect combination of world-class thrills and family attractions. Guests can experience 15 thrill-inducing roller coasters, including Diamondback, the tallest and fastest roller coaster at Kings Island, and the world’s longest wooden roller coaster, The Beast! Families can spend the perfect day together in the award-winning Planet Snoopy kids’ area.

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