Hospitality Construction Project Workflow

Consultation Phase

The Deep Blue project team meets with the development team to understand the scope of the project and to determine how and where Deep Blue can add value. The project team includes a Certified Project Manager/Business Analyst, Senior Network Engineer, and Certified Cabling Professional.

Planning and Design

Project team and development team evaluate hotel wireless network technology for brand requirements and best practices. Designs for network and cabling infrastructure are created, reviewed, and finalized. Providers for all services are identified and a detailed implementation plan is created.

Cabling Infrastructure

Cabling professionals, certified on copper, coax, and fiber install the full low voltage scope or work with other cabling professionals to complete. Designs ensure cable is run to the correct places to support all current technologies and to lay the groundwork for future requirements.

Network Implementation

Deep Blue Network Engineers and Installation Techs configure and install all network hardware to fully meet brand standards. All systems are documented and tested. Network is reviewed with staff and training sessions are held.

Network Technology Onboarding

Working as a team, Deep Blue Network Engineers collaborate with all 3rd party technology providers to ensure connectivity and onboard them to the network as required. This process ensures properties open on time, on budget, with all technologies working correctly on day one.

Handoff to Support

When all network technologies are integrated, the project is transitioned to Deep Blue 24 x 7 x 365 support. This includes a post-install training with onsite staff to review process, training on the MyDeepBlue portal as well as addressing any additional questions.

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