5 Benefits of Providing Free WiFi at Your Amusement Park

Your theme park is a destination for couples, families, and groups of friends – all of whom are taking pictures and videos and posting them to social media. Offering free WiFi is just one way to enhance their experience at your destination while reaping 5 benefits of WiFi at your amusement park.

What’s the Benefit of Providing Free WiFi at Amusement Parks?

  1. Free publicity on social media – With access to free WiFi, guests at your amusement park or zoo will be more likely to post liberally on social media while they are on your property – which means more posts, more geo-location tags, and more views for your awesome attractions from their friends and family.
  2. Shorter Wait Times = Happier Customers – With free amusement park WiFi, your guests can get online and see where the shortest wait times are and plan their day accordingly. You can even take a page out of Disney’s book and allow customers to hold spots in line using an app. Shorter wait times for and more efficient flow of traffic in your park will make the overall experience better, which will show up in reviews, recommendations, and social media posts.
  3. Better Maps, Better Schedules, More Fun – Many zoos have apps with maps, schedules for when favorite animals like the pandas will be out, and more. As with wait times for lines, easily accessible knowledge for when the next stage show begins or when the small mammal house will be closed for feeding are vital parts of enhancing the visitor experience. Offering free large venue WiFi complements this experience of interacting with your zoo or theme park. Again, a better overall experience translates into return visitors, good reviews, and word-of-mouth recommendations.
  4. Send Deals, Offers, and Reminders – Free WiFi is also a great way to connect customers with deals or packages they may not have known about otherwise. When customers join your WiFi network, you have the opportunity to tell them (quickly!) about other services they may not have known about. Your app, which they will be using with the free park WiFi, is another place to deliver ads like a coupon to a nearby souvenir hut or watering hole.
  5. Collect Information and Learn from Data – Using WiFi and an app at your amusement park or zoo allows you to track customer movement and engagement. This data will help you improve your offerings,  better understand what attractions are your most valuable, and address any potential bottlenecks. Yes, your workers on-the-ground can tell you approximately how many people were at each show or information session, but using the data you collect from WiFi and/or your app will give you even more insight into how visitors behave, what they enjoy, and how to make sure the experience is just as magical every time they visit your venue.

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