Hotel WiFi Networks

Hotel WiFi Internet service requirements are not what they used to be

With the arrival of personal wearable devices, todays' hotel Internet services are under pressure to deliver to their users the enhanced personal experience these new devices promise. Health conscious guests use fitness bands, parents use WiFi child trackers, and the newest device - smart watches - are poised to elevate interpersonal communications to a new level. People count on their devices every day, and hotel WiFi networks must deliver the elevated experience their guests demand.

Meeting your HSIA Requirements

We can design a total hotel WiFi network solution tailored to your brand’s requirements for HSIA.

We provide complete hotel Internet services including:

  • Loyalty and Rewards Program Integration
  • Custom Software and PMS Integration
  • Customer Analytics and Insight
  • Monetization, LBS and Customer Engagement
  • 24/7/365 U.S. Based Help Desk
  • Scalability for the Internet of Things
  • Customizable Billing Options
  • Network Security and Segmentation
  • Hotel Internet Gateway Landing Pages
  • Real-time Network Monitoring
  • Brand Standard Terms and Conditions Splash Page
  • Brand Standard In-room Instructions

New Requirements for Wearable WiFi Devices

With the emergence of the Wearable WiFi enabled devices, the danger of oversaturating your hotel Internet services is higher than ever before. Your guests use these devices on a much more personal level than just a smart phone, tablet, or computer. People use fitness bands, smart watches, WiFi cameras, child trackers, and more. These devices make user's lives easier every day, but they are only as good as the hotel WiFi network they're on. Don't risk losing future bookings, having to waive fees, or corporate event cancellations because of a hotel WiFi network that can't fulfill the promise of your guests'' personal devices.

Monetize your Hotel WiFi Internet Service

We understand the pressures hotels feel to provide free, fast and reliable hotel WiFi to support all these new devices. Guests expect great hotel Internet services with which they can use their favorite social media, check their email, stream movies, video conference, and more. Unfortunately, these hotel Internet services can come at a cost. Our hotel WiFi network solutions can help reduce that cost and monetize your hotel WiFi network, without it burdening your guests with unwanted fees.

Engage! for Customer Insight and Analytics

With our new software, engage!, you can use your hotel WiFi to market directly to your guests using your hotel WiFi network. You can target users with emails called eShots, use WiFi analytics to understand and satisfy your guests’ needs, and promote your property on social media.