Are Your Guests’ Kids Killing Your Wi-Fi?

You should have the services of a managed hotel internet WiFi provider

You already know how important your reputation is for business. You probably have someone checking TripAdvisor and other hotel rating sites to see what the public is saying about your hotel…and the competition. If you take a hard look at those reviews you’ll notice that there are a significant number of complaints by travelers regarding inaccessible hotel WiFi service.This might be a frustrating complaint to a hotelier who focuses on providing superior service and delivering real value to guests. It seems that no matter how relaxing the rooms are or how efficient the staff performs, if hotel WiFi isn’t available then the guest’s experience is less than favorable.

Let’s face it, your guests, like the general population, are connected. In fact you might call it an addiction. They rely on the Internet for business and personal use and their expectation today, is connectivity and it should be available at or near the same speed as they experience at home or at work. They can be demanding and they can add to the inaccessible WiFi problem because they sometimes bring their kids.

Kids gobble up bandwidth like it’s candy. They make adults look like amateurs when it comes to consuming bandwidth. And because WiFi is a shared resource, when the kids start to play the adults’ connections go away.

Children are a new breed of hotel guest

Remember the good old days when you could distract your guests’ children with an arcade room or the swimming pool? Those days are history. Kids today have smart phones, tablets and laptops and will spend their time at your hotel the same way they do at home; streaming Netflix, updating their status on Facebook, Tweeting, surfing YouTube or calling Becky on their smart phone to complain how bored they are. Kids represent a very real drain on your WiFi system.

So that puts you in a dilemma. Guests who arrive with children typically occupy more rooms than those that don’t. On the other hand, those kids can cause real problems for adult, bill paying guests who actually have plastic in their wallets.

At the heart of the problem, of course, is the capacity and scalability of your existing WiFi installation.

Smart wireless technology

When smart phones first appeared they were the harbinger of a whole new challenge for existing wireless systems. None of those systems were prepared to handle the coverage and use requirements that the exponential growth of smart phones now place on hotels. The solution for most brands of wireless service was to add additional hardware on top of a base infrastructure that was already out of date. This is not only an expensive approach, but an inefficient one as well.

One brand, Ruckus Wireless, decided to invest in new technology to meet the new challenge. Innovation is the name of the game and Ruckus Wireless came through with a new wireless infrastructure that offers flexibility, scalability, range and reliability. Isn’t that what a WiFi system is supposed to do?

At the heart of the system are two new technologies, BeamFlex, a new wireless antenna breakthrough, and ChannelFly, which allows for 8 times the coverage of a standard system. Bringing that much bandwidth and coverage not only satisfies your guests’ needs but also opens up the possibility of going wireless at point of sales, VOIP phones in rooms, IP based television and much more.

Smart wireless installation and support

If this sounds like a system that might fit your hotel we encourage you to contact Ruckus Wireless Top Dog Partner Deep Blue Communications. Deep Blue is uniquely qualified to design, plan, engineer, install, manage, monitor and support the Ruckus Wireless systems.

Deep Blue is a turnkey operation and does not outsource any of their installations or services to contractors. Their intimate knowledge of the Ruckus Wireless hardware along with their fast response times has earned them one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

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