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The Deep Blue Blog is the hotel industry’s leading resource for expert tips and the latest trends in Hotel WiFi. Discover the secrets behind the most successful hotel WiFi networks, learn how to make your hotel WiFi more profitable, and much more.

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Free Webinar: What’s Next for Hospitality Technology?

A Comcast Business Webinar June 24, 2021 1:00 pm EST The hospitality industry recently hit a welcome milestone: Analytics firm STR statistics reveal that, for the week ending April 10th, occupancy rates hit nearly 60%–a number not seen since prior to the start of the pandemic. As consumer and business travel continues to ramp up,…
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The Century House Hotel Moves Events Outdoors with Support from Comcast Business

With reliable outdoor Wi-Fi coverage in a new open-air venue, the hotel can safely host guests for conferences, meetings, and social events during the pandemic and beyond PHILADELPHIA – MAY 25, 2021 – Deep Blue Communications, a Comcast Business company, today announced The Century House — an upscale hotel and event space in upstate New…
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Hotel Management Company Keeps Guests Connected with Support from Comcast Business

Island Hospitality streamlines operations, saves on costs and achieves higher uptime for guests after consolidating Wi-Fi vendors PHILADELPHIA – March 16, 2021 – Deep Blue Communications, a Comcast Business company, today announced a partnership with Island Hospitality Management to provide a reliable managed Wi-Fi solution for 10,623 rooms in 61 hotels across 21 states and…
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Using Technology to Adapt Hotels to a New Era in Hospitality

The pandemic has strained most industries, but few have encountered challenges as foundational as those faced by the hospitality industry. Hotels have adapted as best they could to all-time-low demand, while positioning themselves for recovery and the new normal of the industry – a future in which technology will play a key role at every…
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How Hospitality Will Leverage Technology to Reinvent the Guest Experience and Keep Travelers Safe

Hospitality industry leaders will reimagine the guest experience using innovative technologies to provide patrons with advanced amenities, comprehensive cleanliness, and much-needed peace of mind. As the world followed stay-at-home orders to lessen the deadly impact of COVID-19, hospitality industry leaders braced for the ensuing damage to revenues and occupancy rates. Now, with governments around the…
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7 Things Every Hotel WiFi Network Needs to Succeed

Imagine if your hotel guests checked into their room to find the power was out, or that it only worked some of the time? Well, that’s exactly how they feel when your hotel WiFi doesn’t perform. Like electricity and hot water, WiFi is a utility that has become integral to the guest experience, and your…
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How to Make Your Hotel WiFi More Profitable

Most hospitality and hotel businesses view guest WiFi as an expense and a burden – the cost of installation, maintenance and support, not to mention the potential for customer complaints – but what if you could flip the switch and turn your cost center into profit center? The fact is, you can (and it’s easier…
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Are Hotels with Better WiFi Stealing Your Business?

In recent years, fast, reliable hotel WiFi has evolved from a guest perk to a standard expectation. The availability of WiFi has become a major factor in how people choose their accommodations, both for business and pleasure. It seems even small, independent hotels are now including “Free Hotel WiFi” on the ever-growing list of guest…
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Designing Hotel Guest Touchpoints

A guest’s journey has many stages involving many hotel guest touchpoints. You may think you have them all figured out, but don’t forget – your WiFi technology is all that stands between success and failure. With the right hotel WiFi network and guest services, it’s easy to remove sources of friction and provide personalized service based…
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4 Rules for a Great Hotel WiFi Network

#1 The Guests Come First Delivering a great guest WiFi experience is number one and a great hotel WiFi network is the way to accomplish this. As the most requested – and complained about amenity – WiFi is make or break for a hotel. If your hotel WiFi is spotty, a visitor may look for another hotel on…
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3 Technologies Shaping Hotel Guest Engagement

Today, many new technologies are shaping hotel guest engagement. Face-to-face and phone conversations have been taken over by SMS and online communication. We’ve moved from weekly phone conversations to the daily back and forth of instant messaging, Twitter, and Facebook posts. The online distribution of events and ideas, images and video, and guest reviews has…
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4 Guest Room Technologies You Should Support

In addition to fast & reliable Hotel WiFi, these 4 guest room technologies provide the basis for interacting and engaging with your guests, and will help you better monetize your guest rooms. 1. SUPPORT STREAMING SERVICES AND GUEST CONTENT With the introduction of new streaming services and devices, the cord cutter population is growing rapidly….
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5 Smart Guest Room Technology Essentials

The Internet of Things is expanding into your guest rooms in ways you probably can’t imagine. Here’s a list of 5 smart guest room technology essentials that every hotel needs to increase guest satisfaction. And it all starts with fast, reliable hotel WiFi. 1. PERSONALIZATION The personalized and enhanced guest room experience is being developed…
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9 Strategies to Make the Most of Your Hotel WiFi

Resilient. Robust. Reliable. These are probably not the words that many hotel guests would use to describe their most recent experience with hotel Wi-Fi. It’s more like, ‘We have the technology to put a man on the moon, but we can’t post an Instagram picture of this amazing Scallop Sashimi from our hotel room. What…
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Bandwidth Management Strategy for the Hospitality Industry

Creating A Bandwidth Management Strategy Bandwidth management is an investment that pays off in customer satisfaction and cost savings. Anyone who has had to access a mobile data connection has experienced the frustration that comes with a slow connection or unreliable speeds. These problems may occur from insufficient bandwidth or an overload of the network,…
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