3 Technologies Shaping Hotel Guest Engagement

Today, many new technologies are shaping hotel guest engagement. Face-to-face and phone conversations have been taken over by SMS and online communication. We’ve moved from weekly phone conversations to the daily back and forth of instant messaging, Twitter, and Facebook posts. The online distribution of events and ideas, images and video, and guest reviews has proliferated across society. Even customer service has become reliant upon electronic communication. The savvy hotelier expects that all of this communication is happening at their hotel and will find ways to use this new technology to their advantage.

Connecting with Hotel Guests through Messaging

Today’s messaging technology enables an easy and immediate engagement with the hotel guest.


What is a hotel guest’s “go to” WiFi device for communications? Their mobile phone. It’s with them everywhere on your property. In fact, they probably use it more there than in their own home. Facebook, Twitter and texting with family and friends is a major focus of their attention, and a growing opportunity for guest engagement. Hotel messaging enables guest services and staff to proactively communicate. Rather than just responding to complaints or requests, hotels can inform and engage with special offers, information on local events, and also keep staff informed of any new or ongoing issues.

TV Messaging

In addition to mobile devices, the in-room TV is another channel for hotel guest communication. Specialized platforms allow staff to send messages to individual guests, groups, or even guests staying at different properties managed by the same management company. While it is one-way communication, it does enable the hotel to provide a guest with on-screen information that it relevant and can enhance their stay.

Third-party Apps and SMS

While some hotels have utilized different forms of messaging within Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat for hotel guest engagement, large hotels have invested in proprietary apps. An advantage to in-app messaging is the ability to deliver content targeted to a specific guest’s known preferences. For instance, if a hotel guest frequents a certain restaurant or bar on property, they can be sent a special offer as a reward through the app. Or, if they use up their favorite items in the mini bar, they can be notified that it has been restocked for their convenience. Best of all, this guest data is kept in a proprietary system for the hotel’s use.

Fast, Reliable Hotel WiFi is Integral to Guest Engagement

Without the foundation of a great hotel WiFi network, many new technologies shaping hotel guest engagement would not be possible. Data usage adds up quickly with a family on vacation. If you add streaming and uploading vacation pictures to the mix, guests would easily use up data plans and end up turning off notifications. So how do you ensure hotel guest engagement and communication? A reliable and robust WiFi network. WiFi offloads the data burden from a guest’s cellular plan to a network that has no restrictions on usage.

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