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E-Marketing Through Social Media and Location Based Services

Is your Hotel WiFi Working for You?

Social Media is today’s word of mouth advertising. Did you know that 74% of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchases* and that 4 in 10 have purchased an item in-store after sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest*? Social Media is a great tool to build brand awareness, give a face to your business and engage with your customer.

Interesting fact: 1 Facebook “like” has an estimated $175 return on investment. Deep Blue Communication’s Social Media Authentication platform provides users with the opportunity to login to your network using the social media platform of their choice or a quick and easy form. Data collected from this process enables you to segment your users by age, gender, type of login, number of visits and more. You can combine Social Media Authentication with Location Based Services (LBS) and data analytics to segment your users, targeting just the consumer you want to engage. An E-Shot email message can be sent directly to your targeted users promoting special offers tailored just for them.

This also gives you the ability to raise your social media profile by encouraging your user to post to your social page, “liking” a product or service and increasing you ROI. Engaging with your user on the social media platform they prefer provides insight to better understand who they are and how to meet their needs; it also saves you money and promotes your business.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your wi-fi system pay for itself, raise your social media profile and increase your RIO, Social Media Authentication is an effective and efficient technology available today.

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