Luxury Hotels Need Better WiFi to Meet High Customer Expectations

Luxury hotels and resorts are in constant competition to win over and retain the loyalty of their client base. Every detail of their guests’ rooms is chosen to provide the ultimate in comfort and luxury. They train their staff to offer superior customer service and to do whatever it takes to ensure that guests are satisfied and enjoy their stay. But today’s guests are looking for more, and according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study for luxury hotels,  the overall guest satisfaction for luxury hotels is down in 2012 from last year. Despite all of the efforts of the hotels surveyed, they are still not meeting their guests’ expectations.

The one single service that will bring down the customer satisfaction ranking of luxury hotels is a poor WiFi network. J.D. Power’s Consumer Insight & Strategy Group conducts social media tracking across a variety of industries. Their research shows that guests respond negatively to several aspects WiFi service.

Their observations were:

  • Hotels that charge extra for Internet access are perceived as taking advantage of guests, especially given the number of places that offer this service for free.
  • While consumers use social media to complain about how slow Internet connections are at hotels, it is not uncommon for hotel guests to praise hotel brands that are known for fast, reliable Internet service.
  • While complaints about Internet fees charged by hotels are common, rolling Internet charges into a generic “resort fee” heightens resentment among hotel guests.
  • Loyalty club members have come to expect free Internet as a perk at their hotel of choice.

All of these factors contribute to a lower overall guest satisfaction, and with the economy still in a slow recovery, hotels cannot afford to lose guests. Deep Blue Communications understands the importance of providing guests with an exceptional WiFi connection. Through their strategic partnership with Ruckus Wireless, Deep Blue Communications is one of the few companies with the capability to provide both the technology and the customer service to install and maintain the type of high-quality WiFi network that guests are demanding.

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Luxury Hotels Benefit from Deep Blue Communications’ Expertise

Deep Blue Communications has experience with the unique needs of luxury hotels. Hyatt Place, the Times Square TRYP by Wyndham, and Minnesota’s landmark St. Paul are a few of the luxury hotels that rely on Deep Blue Communications’ expertise to provide their guests with reliable WiFi connections.

Ruckus Wireless‘ equipment enables the WiFi network to be flexible and responsive to both changing radio interference and user demands. These capabilities are just not found in many products available to the hospitality sector.
By creating a network that automatically adapts in real-time to the changing environment, Deep Blue Communications can ensure that guests will not lose their connectivity because of a device in the room next door, or because other guests are using up too much of the available bandwidth.

Deep Blue Communications has High Standards for Guest Helpdesk Support

Deep Blue Communications is one of the few WiFi service providers that performs all of their own installations and configurations for hospitality networks without outside contractors, and staffs their own 24/7 help desk and monitoring service When guests have a problem with their WiFi connection or other technical issues they can speak directly with a Deep Blue Communications technician. They are not calling an outsourced help desk overseas, or a manufacturer’s support line. On the contrary, hotel guests on Deep Blue Communication networks will be speaking with technicians that have access to all information about the hotel’s network. This further reduces the frustration guests may have if a problem ever occurs, which is rare because of Deep Blue Communications’ proactive network monitoring and response services. Many network issues are resolved before guests even notice that a problem existed.

Deep Blue Communications works closely with luxury hotels to ensure that the network installed meets or exceeds the security and performance requirements of corporate policies.

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