5 Benefits of a Single Source Vendor

Regardless of the industry, businesses require a well-planned, well executed Wi-Fi network and IT infrastructure to support the tremendous load of technology they carry today and will carry for the foreseeable future. A single source vendor is an excellent way to a reduce the burden of this load.

For the hospitality industry, the Internet of Things (IoT) powers everything from check-in to poolside dining and in-room entertainment -making it a necessary – if not an incredibly difficult – undertaking.

Take this tidbit from the 2017 Deloitte Travel and Hospitality Industry Outlook:

For hoteliers, developing a holistic and impactful IoT strategy will likely to be a challenging endeavor with many things to consider, such as deciding what functionality to aim at first, picking the right hardware and technology vendors, and coordinating a plan to retrofit existing properties. This could be particularly challenging for large hotel chains with multiple different owners, which should strive to synchronize implementation across properties to help ensure travelers have a consistent brand experience. Cyber security should also remain top-of-mind, as more connections create more vulnerability.

So how can property owners make sure they are designing and implementing the right technology, at the right time, with the right products?

One way to embrace this change and mitigate risk is to work with a single source vendor – or a vendor that can take you from concept to go live with full control over the entire project.

Why Use a Single Source Vendor?

  1. See the whole picture: When using a vendor that offers single sourcing, you have the resources to design from the perspective of current and future technologies and include current upgrades an future construction into the overall project plan. A partnership with the broader project team and all stakeholders, including developer representatives, management, brand, construction contractors, and 3rd party providers means they can best manage the network and onboard any additional vendors and devices as needed, and in the correct order.
  2. Streamline communication: We all know what technology implementations can be like – which is why no one really loves to do them. Tack on multiple vendors and you have a giant he-said she-said tangle – and usually a sizeable project delay. With a single point of contact, it is easier to make decisions, reduce the back and forth of phone calls and emails and take direction from a vendor who can make the right decisions for the entire project from start to finish.
  3. Cost savings: Which leads us to the old “time is money.” With a single source vendor you save money by streamlining the process – from designing a network that supports all technology to reduce additional digging and costly cabling changes, to confirming all technology integrations and costs up front, to scheduling installations and finding the solutions that deliver the best ROI within your budget – from day one.
  4. Minimize technology issues: Nothing is more frustrating in business than incompatible technology – it should just work together, seamlessly. When designing from the ground up, everyone has a say, but things are designed with all technology needs in mind. Application integration is reviewed in the design phase, and your network is built to support that integration with scalable design for the future.
  5. Deploy faster: Instead of disrupting the daily flow of your employees over and over again for multiple products, a single source vendor can coordinate training, testing and live to reduce the impact on your day to day operations. Don’t let the cost and hassle of multiple technology implementations limit your brand excellence.

Single Source Vendor for Hotels & Hospitality

Deep Blue Communications provides comprehensive IP network management and WiFi solutions for the hotel and hospitality industries. Starting at the earliest stages of development, Deep Blue Communications will be your partner in evaluating technologies, network design, cabling infrastructure, 3rd party technology vendor management, and implementation. Our team of senior network engineers, project managers, and business analysts will lower your risks and get you up and running on-time with seamless technology integration that delivers the best return on investment for your budget.

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