Wireless and Wired Networking

5 Benefits of a Single Source Vendor

Regardless of the industry, businesses require a well-planned, well executed Wi-Fi network and IT infrastructure to support the tremendous load of technology they carry today and will carry for the foreseeable future. A single source vendor is an excellent way to a reduce the burden of this load. For the hospitality industry, the Internet of…
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MDU WiFi is More Convenient for Tenants and Building Owners

Multiple dwelling unit wireless, or MDU WiFi, is an added convenience property owners can offer their tenants. Whether it is an apartment building, condominium, or dorm, the challenges of providing Internet service to each unit remains the same. Tenants want fast and reliable Internet service throughout their living areas. Buildings that have multiple vendors performing…
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Monetizing WiFi Networks While Reaching Your Customers

WiFi Advertising: Cultivating Happy Customers Walk into a good coffee shop, hotel or restaurant, and chances are, you are able to login to a WiFi network – paid or free. Whether you are surfing social media sites, local news, sports scores or working, access to wireless networks anytime – anywhere is expected. As people are…
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