5 Smart Guest Room Technology Essentials

The Internet of Things is expanding into your guest rooms in ways you probably can’t imagine. Here’s a list of 5 smart guest room technology essentials that every hotel needs to increase guest satisfaction. And it all starts with fast, reliable hotel WiFi.


The personalized and enhanced guest room experience is being developed right now. Imagine entering a hotel room that automatically adjusts to your preferred temperature, with the television tuned to your favorite channel. The bar is stocked with all the beverages you enjoy and the refrigerator is set to the correct temperature. Even the shower water is at the temperature you find comfortable. This is the type of personalization and service guests will come to expect in the near future.


Support your guests’ ability to use their own devices and content. Today guests carry over 5 devices with them, including phones, watches, tablets, game consoles and more. They start connecting within 7 minutes of entering a room. You must be ready for all types of devices and services guests expect.


Hotels must have a robust and adaptable WiFi network that anticipates the guests needs by supporting the expansion of the Internet of Things into the room. New devices are introduced every day. Room technology infrastructure needs to be ready.


More and more, guests are using personal assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant in their daily lives. Integrating these natural and intuitive conversational guestroom interfaces significantly reduces the learning curve of in-room controls.


Hotels continually strive to deliver the home-like guest experience. This also applies to providing the technological environment to which guests have grown accustomed. Everything should just work.

Take The Next Step

In order to implement these smart guest room technology essentials, you need to start with a fast, reliable hotel WiFi network. Deep Blue Communications has been an industry leader for more than 15 years, engineering, installing and supporting WiFi networks for hotels, large entertainment venues, retail stores, marinas & more. To take your property to the next level, contact the hospitality & hotel WiFi experts at Deep Blue.

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