The Importance of Having Fast WiFi In Your Conference Rooms

Why You Need Your Facility’s Conference Room WiFi To Be Fast

When a company or group is hosting an event in one of your hotel’s conference rooms, the last thing they should have to worry about is the room’s WiFi. And often they don’t. They expect the WiFi to be fast, reliable and able to handle usage by all of their guests.

What Happens When WiFi Is Slow

That’s why it is so frustrating to people when the WiFi is slow, or if they are unable to connect to it, during a conference or meeting. In today’s world guests are used to WiFi that they can connect to in seconds and that won’t be slower than what they work with on a daily basis. When it is slow, conference attendees tend to:

  • Waste time. Instead of listening to the conference moderators and speakers, guests will become hyper focused on connecting to the Internet and getting to the information they logged on to see. Guests may even interrupt the event to ask about the Internet, or to complain.
  • Zone out. If guests can’t get use the WiFi, they may become distracted about the emails and messages they are not able to check. They will worry about what they can not see, and concentrate on those things instead of the speakers or on tasks that they are involved with at the conference.
  • Keep it with them. If your conference room WiFi is slow, that’s one of the few things that attendees will keep in their minds when they leave. It is a negative experience that they will associate with the hotel. This could be the difference between them referring your establishment to a friend or writing a negative review about their experience online.

And it’s not just the conference attendees that are impacted. Not having fast WiFi in your conference rooms impacts the planners, presenters and organizations putting on the event. If the connection is not fast enough for event needs:

  • The presentation will suffer. Any time spent waiting for a webpage or video to load is an interruption to the flow of the presentation. Not only will attendees lose interest, but presenters can become frustrated and lose their concentration and/or flow. If there are a number of delays in the presentation because of the slow WiFi, presenters may not even get through their entire presentation.
  • The hosting group will suffer. The group putting on the presentation is hoping to delight the attendees to achieve some sort of outcome. If the presentation is lackluster, or the attendees are too busy worrying about getting themselves connected to the WiFi, they will be less likely to have a positive association with the event. That means they won’t be inclined to act (i.e., if it is a sales conference, the sales reps in attendance may not fully understand the product information or new process fully, and will continue to work as they had before instead of focusing on what the company wanted them to do). With these sorts of outcomes, the hosting group is less likely to use your facilities again or recommend them to another business or organization.

Keep Your Hospitality Facility’s WiFi Fast

The solution to keeping your conference guests happy is to make sure you have fast, reliable WiFi, as well as enough bandwidth to accommodate all your guests. Many times you may think your WiFi network is slow when you actually just need more bandwidth. When you don’t have enough bandwidth to accommodate all device traffic, your guest WiFi will slow to a crawl and interrupt streaming data, like video and music.

WiFi Support for Hotels With Conference Facilities

Are you a hotelier or resort owner concerned about the speed of the WiFi on your property, particularly when it comes to conferences and meetings? Deep Blue Communications can help. We are a leading WiFi service provider for the hotel & hospitality industry. Contact us or call 1-877-512-3344 to learn more about hotel WiFi services.

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