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What’s new in the WiFi industry? Take a look. We take a look at the changing WiFi scene in regards to access, pricing, equipment and more. Interested in learning about all the Deep Blue has to offer? Take a look at our WiFi services, the industries we specialize in, why companies choose to partner with us and more.

End-to-End Network Infrastructure

How can the right network partner enhance a hospitality brand’s ability to respond to evolving customer expectations? The pandemic has accelerated the need for digital agility across all industries. The good news is that the hospitality industry was already a leader in digital transformation. With the right technology infrastructure, hotels will be quick to adapt…
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How WiFi 6 Will Deliver Secure, Stable, and Superior Customer Experiences Across Industries

How the consistency, throughput, security, and more sophisticated performance of WiFi 6 will improve end user experience. With the advent of WiFi 6, IT leaders across industries are considering whether their businesses require the improved speed and performance promised by the latest revision of the wireless standard. But if customer experience is any measure of…
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BYOD: What Does a Company Do?

The next evolution in WiFi Access As people become more comfortable with technology, they are increasingly utilizing their own personal devices for their work. They may ask, how do I bring my own device to work? Business networks are not only accessed by employees via their workstations, but also by smart phones, tablets, notebook computers…
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The Benefits of Tiered Internet Pricing

The Benefits Of A Tiered Internet Pricing Model Tiered Internet pricing models allow hotels to offer their guests the convenience of free Internet access, while making faster speeds available to those guests that need it. Bandwidth is a commodity that is both limited in quantity and consumed quickly. Many hotels have come to the realization…
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