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Find expert tips and the latest trends in retail WiFi from the leader in retail WiFi solutions and installation. From how to set up your retail WiFi network to how to leverage it to drive sales and boost business, it’s all here in the Deep Blue blog.

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Deep Blue at Planet Fitness 2022 Franchise Convention

Deep Blue Communications, a Comcast Business Company and a leader in retail WiFi Solutions, is excited to be attending in person the 2022 PFIFC Planet Fitness Franchise Convention at The Boca Raton in Boca Raton, Florida. Stop by and meet Rebecca Giudici, National Account Executive, David Valeriani, Strategic Account Manager, and Thory Coquillo, Enterprise Sales…
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What is WiFi Marketing? (And Why it’s a Must for Retailers)

If you are a brick-and-mortar retailer who is still wondering if you need a high-speed wireless network, check out why all retail stores should offer free WiFi, but if you are one of the savvy retailers already embracing the digital world, here’s how you can leverage it to drive sales and improve your business. What…
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Why Retail Stores Should Offer Free WiFi

Offering free in-store WiFi is no longer simply a nice customer perk, it’s become integral to the shopping experience. Numerous studies have shown that an overwhelming percentage of consumers not only prefer to shop in stores with free WiFi, but they actually demand it. For brick-and-mortar retailers willing to embrace the digital world and leverage…
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3 Tips on How to Build Your Retail WiFi Network

Today, smartphones, tablets, and wearables have enabled shoppers instant access to information about products and services wherever they shop. A smart retailer does not fight this access in fear of competition, but uses it to their advantage. Here are some tips on how to build your retail WiFi network. 1. Design a Scalable Network With…
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Are Retailers Ready for the Tsunami of Smartphones?

Numbers That Require Rethinking Retail WiFi Solutions No consumer technology has ever experienced the incredible growth of today’s smartphone industry. Over 50% of the U.S. population owns smartphones and two thirds of those will use their devices while visiting retail stores. Customer behavior, the way consumers shop, is changing thanks to the immediate access to information…
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Retail WiFi Benefits Customers and Businesses

Retail WiFi may bring to mind businesses like Starbucks or McDonalds, which have been offering free WiFi access to their customers has become common place. In 2010 when Starbucks made the decision to offer free WiFi service to all of their customers, they changed the role of retail WiFi. Today, customers are more comfortable with…
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Retail WiFi Analytics, the Brick and Mortar Advantage

In the face of growing competition, retailers have to decide if they will offer WiFi to their customers. It is a decision that almost every retail business owner will consider in the near future. Shoppers are already using their mobile devices to get price comparisons and product reviews while browsing store isles. It is safe…
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Retailer WiFi: Added Public Network Means New Challenges

As retailers add “free WiFi” to their mobile marketing strategy, they create a situation where their previously private wireless network, used exclusively for store operations, now has to accommodate the public. This can create serious performance challenges for both proprietary devices, used to increase store productivity, and for customer expectations of speed and security. Before…
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