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Ruckus Wireless Equipment Improves Business Conference WiFi

Business conferences have a reputation for having poor WiFi Internet access

While these venues put a lot of effort into advertising and competing for business, the larger the conference, the less accessible WiFi seems to be throughout the venue. One of the major challenges that large business conferences must overcome is the difficulty of providing a decent WiFi signal to a large number of attendees in an enclosed space. Mobile devices can interfere with each other and degrade service from wireless access points. Often the signal becomes degraded to the point where users experience poor throughput despite the availability of adequate bandwidth. Bandwidth is expensive, and most business conference venues are not willing to invest additional money into a network that does not use all the available bandwidth efficiently.

Business conference venues and organizers work with many vendors to meet the changing needs of different type of conferences, but the purpose of all business conferences is to share information. How can conference holders do this as efficiently as possible when there is no adequate network? The answer is they cannot. Some venues have tried to provide WiFi, but they hired WiFi providers that do not understand the complexity of installing a network in a high-density environment or do not have access to equipment that can deal with these challenges. The answer for these companies has been to install access points in locations where they are isolated from each other and where the number of concurrent users can be limited. This solution is inconvenient for conference attendees and does not provide the intended benefits that a real working WiFi network is designed to do.

Ruckus Wireless equipment is uniquely suited for these types of congested high-usage environments. Unlike many access points, Ruckus Wireless radios use technology that can limit the effect that interference has on each mobile devices’ signal. Deep Blue Communications, a premier partner of Ruckus Wireless, has installed hundreds of WiFi networks that depend on these technologies to deliver strong WiFi signals despite difficult radio environments.

Technology Makes the Difference in Ruckus Wireless Networks

There is a lot of technology that goes into building a robust Ruckus Wireless network, but there are two features unique to Ruckus Wireless equipment, that make a huge difference in delivering WiFi in high-density areas. One is BeamFlex, which allows the antenna to automatically adjust its signal to each device on a per packet basis. The other feature is ChannelFly, which switches devices to the best channels in either the 2.4 or 5 GHz bands. These two features can overcome the challenges presented by high-density environments, like those found in business conferences.

Many conference venues will continue to do a poor job at providing decent WiFi for conference attendees despite available technology. Attendees may be content, for now, to use their mobile carrier’s data service to overcome the lack of available WiFi, but as more venues begin to deploy better WiFi equipment, those that do not will start to lose business. Conference exhibitors want to be able to interact and provide information efficiently to conference attendees. They spend a lot of money to participate and host conferences to give them this opportunity, and they will not rebook venues that limit these interactions.

Installing a real working WiFi network in a high-density business conference is possible with the right equipment and the right vendor. Ruckus Wireless equipment installed by Deep Blue Communications has a proven track record of tackling these challenges and delivering the networks that their customers deserve and expect.

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