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For expert tips and the latest trends in Hotel & Hospitality WiFi, trust the WiFi experts at Deep Blue Communications. We specialize in Hotel WiFi, Retail WiFi and Large Entertainment Venue WiFi, as well as WiFi for Marinas, Race Tracks and Schools. Whether you need tips for making your hotel WiFi more profitable, or want to learn the ins and outs of retail WiFi marketing, you’ll find it all here in the Deep Blue Blog.

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Bandwidth Management Strategy for the Hospitality Industry

Creating A Bandwidth Management Strategy Bandwidth management is an investment that pays off in customer satisfaction and cost savings. Anyone who has had to access a mobile data connection has experienced the frustration that comes with a slow connection or unreliable speeds. These problems may occur from insufficient bandwidth or an overload of the network,…
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How Problematic Hotel WiFi Affects Your Reputation

Have you been getting calls to the front desk lately about spotty hotel WiFi in certain rooms or slow connections across the board? Wireless internet connections are hospitality industry standard these days, and nowhere is this more obvious than in customer expectations. Your guests expect access to hotel WiFi while staying with you, and they…
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Free Hotel WiFi is Increasing On Travelers’ Must-Have Lists

With expensive cellular data packages making users more reliant on available WiFi networks, it’s only a matter of time before free hotel WiFi becomes a necessity for travelers instead of a bonus luxury. Let’s take a look at the evidence: We use the Internet for just about everything these days: restaurant recommendations, directions, work, communication,…
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Saratoga Race Track Partners with Deep Blue Communications, Inc. to Improve Wi-Fi Services for Fans

Saratoga Race Track Partners with Deep Blue Communications, Inc. to Improve Wi-Fi Services for Fans Latham, NY (August 23, 2017) –Deep Blue Communications, LLC, an international Wi-Fi installation and support company, headquartered in Latham, NY, and the Historic Saratoga Race Track in Saratoga Springs, NY have teamed up to deliver expanded Wi-Fi services for an…
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Common Myths About Hotel WiFi

Think great WiFi doesn’t matter? Think again. Your guests demand the best hotel WiFi so they can access everything important to them via their mobile devices – from check-in to check-out and everywhere in between. So, do you have your guests’ needs covered? Here are 4 WiFi myths debunked. Myth # 1: My guests will be…
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Introducing the New Deep Blue Website

Deep Blue Communications is pleased to announce the deployment of Phase I of the new and enhanced  Deep Blue Communications website. Under development for the last 8 months, we have been working hard on rewriting and updating content, and redesigning the creative elements. Our new design will better feature the products and services we currently offer,…
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How Does Hotel WiFi Affect Occupancy Rates?

As a professional hotelier you know that the secret to a successful property is in the details. You make certain your sheets are crisp, bathrooms are spotless, your staff is friendly, helpful, but also unobtrusive and a host of other details that make a guest’s experience a good one. Now there is a new item…
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Benefits of Implementing Converged Networks for Hospitality

What are Converged Networks for Hospitality? Put simply, a converged network is the grouping of telephone, video and data communication within a single network. Designing and managing all of these within one network offers convenience and flexibility that are simply not possible with separate infrastructures. No longer do properties need different cables for different services….
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Stadiums Finally Investing in a WiFi Network

Fans want it and stadiums and other sport venues want it! So why aren’t more large sporting venues already offering WiFi for their fans? Part of the answer is to avoid the potentially high-cost and the uncertain return on investment. However, the other, and much more important reason, is the technical difficulties that companies must…
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Deep Blue Communications again named one of the fastest growing companies in America by inc5000

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 8/21/14 LATHAM, NY: Deep Blue Communications has once again been included in the inc5000 listing of the fastest growing companies in America – with 225% growth in revenue in the past 3 years. With a focus on designing, installing, supporting, and monetizing WiFi networks in the hospitality, retail and entertainment venues, Deep Blue…
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Marina WiFi Network Deployment

Installing a marina WiFi network comes with many unique challenges. Marinas that want to deploy a WiFi network for their customers may have difficulty finding an Internet service provider (ISP). The WiFi equipment will need to be able to withstand constant exposure to difficult weather conditions. The marina will also need to deal with customers…
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Deep Blue Communications Named Wyndham Worldwide 2014 Supplier of the Year

Company Delivers Innovative WiFi Network Designs to Improve Customer Experience Latham, NY (January 27, 2015) –Deep Blue Communications announced today they have been awarded the Wyndham Worldwide 2014 Supplier of the Year Award. In 2014, Deep Blue installed WiFi networks at 100+ Wyndham franchised hotels that included over 10,000 hotel rooms. Deep Blue Communications now…
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MDU WiFi is More Convenient for Tenants and Building Owners

Multiple dwelling unit wireless, or MDU WiFi, is an added convenience property owners can offer their tenants. Whether it is an apartment building, condominium, or dorm, the challenges of providing Internet service to each unit remains the same. Tenants want fast and reliable Internet service throughout their living areas. Buildings that have multiple vendors performing…
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Are Retailers Ready for the Tsunami of Smartphones?

Numbers That Require Rethinking Retail WiFi Solutions No consumer technology has ever experienced the incredible growth of today’s smartphone industry. Over 50% of the U.S. population owns smartphones and two thirds of those will use their devices while visiting retail stores. Customer behavior, the way consumers shop, is changing thanks to the immediate access to information…
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